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adidas Brand

You can make a bigger impact when you expand your boundaries with adidas footwear.

adidas shoes inspire you to reach new heights with their innovation and precision.

Each step is an opportunity to achieve excellence as part of a legacy that redefines the possible.

Boost Technology

With adidas' Boost technology, comfort and energy return are enhanced through an innovative cushioning system.

A special midsole that combines thousands of TPU pellets to create a bouncy and responsive feel is known as Boost foam.

Boost foam provides durable, soft cushioning and impact absorption.

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The History

Adolf Dassler Adidas Poster


The Dassler brothers Adolf and Rudolf open Gebrüder Dassler Schuhfabrik in Bavaria, Germany in 1949, and Adi establishes the adidas brand after a disagreement with Rudolf, who founds PUMA.

Adidas First Football shoe

1950s - 1960s

A symbol of quality and performance, adidas introduced its iconic Three Stripes logo in 1950 as a sportswear powerhouse. A year later, adidas' boots won the World Cup, cementing its reputation. At the Rome Olympics in 1960, adidas made its debut, gaining widespread recognition.

Adidas Spikes Shoe

1970s - 1980s

Superstar basketball shoes became fashion symbols outside of sports as adidas entered the 1970s. To demonstrate its commitment to gender equality, adidas designed a track shoe with spikes exclusively for female athletes. In 1984, adidas introduced the Micropacer, a technology-based shoe. In 1986, adidas launched the ZX series, introducing new cushioning options for runners.

Adidas Predator 1984 Shoe

1990s -2000s

With the launch of the iconic Predator football boot in 1994, adidas expanded rapidly in the 1990s. The adidas "Feet You Wear" technology emphasizes natural foot movement and stability. In 2005, adidas acquired Reebok, strengthening its position in athletic footwear and apparel. In 2009, adidas released its first shoe with adidas BOOST cushioning, the Energy Boost.

Adidas Sustainable Sneakers Made out of Plastic


The 2010s were dominated by sustainable fashion and fashion collaborations. In 2012, adidas partnered with Parley for the Oceans to make shoes made with recycled ocean plastic waste. Kanye West and the brand collaborated to launch the popular Yeezy sneakers in 2015, blurring the line between streetwear and sportswear.

adidas Today

Adidas Office Building

By using eco-friendly materials and sustainable practices, adidas stays ahead in innovation and caring for the environment. In 2021, adidas marked its 70th anniversary, looking back on its rich history and commitment to excellence. As the brand moves forward, it keeps introducing new improvements, showing its dedication to both top-notch performance and taking care of the planet.

Did you know?

As soon as the Yeezy Boost 350 was released, the adidas website crashed.

Kanye West's collaboration with adidas sold out in minutes, generating unprecedented traffic on the site.

The BOOST technology, which is used in the sole of the Yeezys among other models, is based on car tire technology.

TPU pellets work in the same way as car bumpers.

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