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You don't want to miss these adidas Samba looks for WMNS

October 15, 2023 7:04 PM
You don't want to miss these adidas Samba looks for WMNS

The adidas Samba is one of the brand's oldest silhouettes with the three stripes - and yet it's as hip as it's ever been. Designed by none other than adidas founder Adi Dassler, the adidas Samba really takes off in 2023. Today we show you some of the hottest colorways of the Samba for WMNS. Let's go!

The history of the adidas Samba

The adidas Samba was designed in 1949 directly in the adidas sports shoe factory. In this very factory, people were working on sneakers that would support athletes - to be more precise, the adidas Samba was designed to give football players grip on icy surfaces. And how? With a legendary rubber sole that offers perfect grip.

If you want to read more on the topic, check out this article about the entire history of the adidas Samba:

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adidas Samba WMNS on trend

In the following overview we show you which adidas Samba colorways for WMNS are on trend at the moment. You can find each of these sneakers via the Sneakerjagers search engine and check where and in which sizes and at what price the model is still available.

adidas Samba OG 'White'


The adidas Samba OG 'White' is probably the colorway of the colorways. With a white smooth leather upper, suede overlays and classic black stripes, this design goes with any style. The gold 'Samba' lettering adds a nice little detail.

adidas Samba OG 'White Better Scarlet'


Also on trend are these pretty adidas Samba here with some red accents. The design is easy to combine with red accessories and add a nice accent to your outfit.

adidas Samba OG Womens BEIGE/WHITE


The adidas Samba OG Womens in the 'Beige/White' colorway is one of many clean colorways that also goes with everything. The rubber outsole provides it with some retro vibes and its a top design to wear every day! The gold branding on the side of the shoe completes the Samba.

adidas Samba OG 'Black'

The adidas Samba OG 'Black' comes in a timeless colorway. The black leather upper has suede overlays at the front. The three stripes that are typical for this design are in white and contrast with the black upper.

adidas Originals Samba OG 'Chalk Green'


This colorway is also super popular at the moment - 'Chalk Green'. The grey T-toe overlay is a perfect match for the green hue and increases the durability of the kick. Give your outfit a nice touch of colour!

adidas Samba OG W


Perfect for autumn and also super popular is this adidas Samba OG with details in antique pink. Here, too, we find the golden 'Samba' lettering and the typical three stripes as a small highlight.


adidas Samba OG W

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adidas Puffylette 'Samba Black'


The adidas Puffylette 'Samba Black' looks like the adidas Samba OG 'Black' but is made of different materials. Since the Samba is sold out on many sites, this silhouette might even be the perfect alternative for you. The water-repellent finish also makes the adidas Puffylette 'Samba Black' a suitable shoe for winter and autumn.

adidas Samba OG Maroon


Is there a more autumnal colorway than this burgundy one? You can still get your hands on this sneaker on a few websites - if you just click on the sneaker below, you can see in which sizes the model is still available!

adidas Samba Og Night Navy


These adidas Samba OG colorway shoes will give you a lot of input for your outfit. The leather upper takes the look of the shoe to the next level. The suede overlay elements are visual highlights of the sneaker.

adidas Samba Og Core White


We close our list with this clean adidas Samba in the 'Core White' colorway. The leather upper complements the design of the shoe and also makes it extremely easy to clean. The suede overlay elements are visual highlights of the shoe.

Which of these adidas Samba for WMNS did you like the most? Let us know via Sneakerjager's Instagram! For more inspiration regarding sneakers and streetwear, make sure to check out our news section, where we always keep you up to date!