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WMNS Club: Wedding sneakers - the shoes for your wedding!

July 11, 2020 9:39 AM
WMNS Club: Wedding sneakers - the shoes for your wedding!

Ladies, this is a special blog post just for you! ? But first I have a question for you: Are you already married? Is the wedding in planning? Or are you planning to do it later? Personally, I haven't really thought much about this topic. But the most important thing for a bride is always the dress and the shoes, or am I wrong? And we wouldn't be a sneaker platform if it wasn't also about sneakers. That's why I have some wedding sneakers here today that you should definitely see! ?

Wedding Sneakers
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A wedding in sneakers - can she do that?

Didn't we all have this little fairy tale dream of our wedding when we were children? White wedding, all women have to wear dresses, there are high heels, the men come in suits and after the wedding ceremony you strut together over a red carpet to the carriage and are pelted with rose petals! Girls admit it calmly, everyone has imagined their wedding day to be so dreamlike, right?

Well, we have the whole spectacle of how it could be once again in our minds. This is getting way too corny for me personally right now. My feet die quickly in high heels and in general they are much too uncomfortable. And I don't mind the red carpet, but only if I can get into a nice car afterwards!

Now if you're wondering what kind of shoes I'd want to wear with this? Well, sneakers, of course! ? High heels and special wedding shoes were yesterday - I have sneakers that are really wedding worthy! Have a look down here at the post of @wedding_converse, that's how I would see myself at my wedding! What do you think about it? ?

So, since we don't want to get married in some tennis shoes, I'll give you a little inspiration. Because I've seen some chicks in sneakers at Instagram. Have fun and pick out your wedding sneakers! ?

Converse are the hottest sneakers to get married

During my research on Instagram I came across sneakers from Converse very often. Especially the silhouette of the white Chuck Low can be seen on many pictures. And of course not without reason. On the one hand the sneaker is super comfortable and plain, which is why it doesn't put the wedding dress in the shade.

On the other hand it is super easy to make a real highlight out of the sneakers. With a little DIY, so a few rhinestones here, a little lace there, you can create your own Chuck for your wedding!

Or you can do it like on the Instagram post under here and go with your bridesmaids in partner look! ?

Which of course is also a very cool idea: Partner look with the groom! Him with black Chucks and you with white. Of course you can also personalize the sneakers. For example with a writing on the heel or on the outside. So you always have a common memory of the happiest day of your life.

Just take a look at our Sneaker Collection. There you will find a suitable pair of Converse for the big day!

Nike Air Force 1 - also these sneakers are suitable for your wedding

Well, the Nike Air Force 1. What can you possibly say about this Nike sneaker icon. I think we all know and love him by now. Then why not just wear an Air Force sneaker to the wedding?

Of course a white Air Force is suitable for this purpose. You can wear the sneaker completely plain, but you can also do a lot with it. How about a customizing? Bride and groom with the same sneaker, that somehow welds together more, doesn't it?

And if you're not so keen on a partner look after all, the large Swoosh on the outside is particularly suitable for a bit of glamour. Whether rhinestones, or a special color that matches the groom's suit or the bridal bouquet. Here you have a lot of different possibilities to make your Air Force 1 the way you like it for your wedding.

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Spot the Nikes ✔️

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Wedding sneakers: With adidas at the altar

Last but not least we come to the chic white sneakers from adidas. If you like it a bit more flashy, more girly and especially with a lot of bling bling, then let yourself be inspired by this UltraBoost. You'll find everything here, from lace laces to rhinestones, pearls and flowers.


adidas UltraBOOST

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A little bit more simple and robust could be with these Stan Smith. The advantage: The Stan Smith is available with a white upper and various color accents. Often you don't even need to customize it. At the Instagram post below you can see what I mean.


adidas Stan Smith

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Little inspo on more wedding sneakers

Actually we have already reached the end of this blog post. But I found another post at Insta, where you can get some really nice inspo. Oh yes, somehow I'm celebrating the wedding dress x sneaker style already.

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Gente, usar tênis no casamento é o símbolo da autenticidade, libertação and conforto, né?! Acho o máximo quem não abre mão dele para viver o seu grande dia. Como costumo dizer por aqui abraçar a singularidade é a única “regra”, é o único “tem que ter” que a gente faz a maior questão que exista e floresça. Estou adorando buscar referências sobre escolhas autênticas e cheias de essências para serem vivenciadas no grande dia. Toda expressão que valoriza e enfatiza quem somos é por demais encantadora. E olha, que DELÍCIA foi o processo de buscar referências “casar de tênis”. Fui me deparando com tantas lindezas que eu só pensava: UAUU, que lindo a autenticidade! Que máximo ser quem somos! Que máximo viver a nossa verdade! Que máximo expressar a nossa liberdade! E também pensava: EITA, será difícil escolher as mais mais para compartilhar já que todas são apaixonantes. ☺️ Mas a real é que para além das inspirações o nosso desejo é que as suas escolhas (sejam elas quais forem) floresçam livremente no seu casamento. ✨ Tanto faz se você vai optar por um par de tênis novo, customizado com a data do casamento, frase, trecho de música, por aquele bom e velho tênis que já faz parte de ti e praticamente sai andando sozinho, se você colocará no convite algo do tipo “venha de tênis”, se você vai presentear os padrinhos ou oferecer um par de tênis para cada convidado. O que queremos de todo coração é que você, à sua maneira, viva este grande momento em paz, feliz, radiante e realizada com as suas escolhas. No mais, arrasta para o lado, arrepare em cada lindeza eee se curtiu toca aqui ??, ou melhor, salva, compartilha e/ou comenta aqui se casar de tênis é a sua vibe. Vamos adorar saber! ?? Ahhh, no destaque “casar de ?“ tem mais inspirações. ♥️ . ~ fotos creditadas ~ . #causandoamor #causandoamorassessoria #organizacaodecasamento #producaodeeventos #casamentoautentico #noivosdeespiritolivre #casamentocomessencia #casardedia #casardetenis #weddingsneakers #vans #nike #adidas #allstar #gentequeamaoquefaz

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And while we're on the subject of bridal sneakers. The @carla has a Nike Blazer customized. In my opinion it has absolute potential to wear it for your wedding. What do you guys think?

Wedding Sneakers