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WMNS Club: Veja Sneaker - durable, stylish, special

January 19, 2021 2:32 PM
WMNS Club: Veja Sneaker - durable, stylish, special

Girls, how about a new pair of special sneakers? Veja - that means 'look!' and illustrates the values of the sustainable sneaker brand. The Veja brand has successfully established itself in the sneaker game in recent years and convinces with its clean sneaker designs that are often vegan, produced under fair conditions and made of sustainable materials.

The stylish looks are mostly based on the 70s, so that a hip retro look and good sneaker style meet special values that are supposed to make the world a little better. Veja is doing a lot of good with this and, of course, has its finger on the pulse of the times. Today we want to introduce you to some fresh sneaker models for women in great colorways from Veja.

If you're also interested in the brand, its values and its sustainable sneakers, you can find some info on them in our Sneaker News!

VEJA Campo Chromefree (white / rose)

Let's start with the VEJA Campo Chromefree. A very popular sneaker from the brand that is also made from sustainable materials. The upper is made from chrome-free leather, the lining from organic cotton and the traditional 'V' on the side from vegan suede.

Visually, the sneaker impresses with its clean retro look, which becomes something special with pink and burgundy details.

VEJA V-10 CWL (white / purple)

Let's continue with the VEJA V10 CW. Like all Veja sneakers, this model was manufactured in Brazil under the fairest working conditions and is made from sustainable materials. The clean, white upper is made from a vegan alternative to leather and the lining is also made from organic cotton.

The beige sole gives the sneaker a great retro look and the bold colours freshen up the Veja sneaker for women very nicely!

Get the shoes here for 129,95€:

VEJA Urca CWL (black / white)

The Urca silhouette is one of Veja's latest looks and takes sustainability to the next level! The sneaker is actually made from food waste and is a reworked, completely vegan version of the brand's popular V12.

A clean black look with white accents is always a good choice and with this sustainable look, you're also doing something good.

Get the Veja sneaker here for 129,95€:

VEJA Campo Chromefree (white / green)

Now we have another VEJA Campo Chromefree in a different colorway for you. Here, too, the traditional, clean design remains in focus and at the same time becomes an eye-catcher thanks to the beautiful, colourful details.

Here, too, you get a great retro look in your home that can be styled easily!

Get this style here for 124,95€:

VEJA V-10 Suede (multicolour)

For something a little more eye-catching, this is the VEJA V10 Suede. This sneaker is also made of naturally tanned suede and other sustainable materials. The V10 Suede in multicolour also impresses with its strong colour scheme with many beautiful pastel shades.

This model costs 124,95€. Just click here or on the photo and you will be taken directly to the offer at 43einhalb.

VEJA V-12 Leather (white / rose)

The V-12 Leather by VEJA is also a very popular model by the brand. The white upper with beige sole brings us retro vibes and a timeless look. At the same time, the beautiful pink details provide great highlights.

The Veja V-12 in this special look also costs 124.95€. Click here to go directly to the offer:

VEJA Esplar Logo Leather (white / blue / green)

Finally, we have the VEJA Esplar Leather for you. The upper of this sneaker is also made from fair trade leather and the lining is made from organic cotton, while the sole is made from natural rubber.

The sneaker also has a lot to offer in terms of looks! The white leather upper comes with a darker sole and light blue details. A great look for every day that is easy to combine.