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WMNS Club: The Converse Chuck All Star Platform Mesh is as versatile as you

October 10, 2020 11:44 AM
WMNS Club: The Converse Chuck All Star Platform Mesh is as versatile as you

Girls, we have shot the Converse Chuck All Star Platform Mesh exclusively for you. Crazy, versatile and fancy sneakers from Converse, we already know that. And we girls are also crazy, fancy and above all: versatile! Every woman in this world is special, in her very own way and that's just as well! And our job here in our WMNS Club at Sneakerjagers is to make each of you shine with the most beautiful sneakers the way you deserve!

That's why we decided to go for the Converse Chuck All Star Platform Mesh today, because it's super versatile. This classic, almost legendary model from Converse has been given a platform sole, which gives it a completely different look! The details on the upper made of mesh make this sneaker complete in its great design! But that was not it by far! Stay tuned and check out the style in detail with us!

Converse Chucks schwarz

The Converse Chuck All Star Platform Mesh in the spotlight

Converse has been around since 1917 and they were one of the first brands to ever make sneakers. If you want to read a little history lesson about the history of sneakers in general, just click here! In the course of time Converse shoes have gone through many social movements, styles and also one or two rebellions! In the meantime the trainer brand belongs to the house of Nike. Today we know countless Converse models in the most beautiful colours, in cooperation with major brands and as very special styles.

And the Converse Chuck All Star Platform Mesh also joins in. What's special here? First of all, of course, the platform sole. Totally in trend at the moment and it gives you not just a few centimetres, it also makes the legs look longer. And, especially now when it is getting colder and colder: It offers you distance to the cold and dirty ground! But the real highlight here is the top of the trainers! Because it is largely covered with mesh fabric. This makes the trainer a little bit transparent, so you can create your own look with your socks and change it every time you want.

schwarze Chucks Damen

Colourful and fancy socks are also very trendy at the moment and with these Chucks you can show them off even better. The Converse Chuck All Star Platform Mesh is available in white and black, so here too you have the choice! Of course the Converse Star is also included! We find it here in a transparent style. At the lacing and at the heel the mesh on the upper is a little bit reinforced. In general, the material is very high quality and robust, despite its permeable style! The outsole, i.e. the underside of the sole, comes in orange on the black model. So you leave a lasting impression with every step you take!

How would you combine the Converse Chuck All Star platform mesh? With the two buttons here you can buy the Converse Chuck All Star Platform Mesh in black or in white at different shops. At Converse you can get it for only 37€ there! You can also buy the black colorway there, if you just click on one of our pictures! We girls here in the office had a lot of fun combining the Chuck individually! We wish you the same!

Converse Chuck All Star Plattform Mesh
Converse Plaateau WMNS