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WMNS Club: Steve Madden - a man, an instinct, a success

June 28, 2020 10:52 PM
WMNS Club: Steve Madden - a man, an instinct, a success

May I introduce the Steve Madden brand to you? The New York brand is very popular in the USA and known for its shoes and accessories. In the archives of Steve Madden Ltd. we also find one or the other sneaker. Especially for women they have a wide range of shoes, which makes the brand especially interesting for our WMNS Club.

You haven't met Steve Madden? Then now's the time! Because with its modern, simple and sometimes wild styles, the brand could soon be at the top of the list of big brands like Nike and adidas in Europe. ?

It's all about the Steve!

Behind the whole group is the founder and creative, as well as design chief Steve Madden! A very remarkable man, who through his failures and also his successes has become what he is now. He is described as a man who wears many hats and shoes and is a family man. In addition, the entrepreneur is a true titan of the economy and at the same time a gifted designer. I think one word is not enough to describe this man.

Steve Madden

Not only in this little video by Instagram it becomes clear that the likeable businessman can score with many people with his open, relaxed and friendly manner. Steve is a shoe designer of his own brand and the Netflix film MADDMAN: The Steve Madden Story is about him. If you haven't seen the film yet, that's no problem at all - underneath you can get a little insight:

Steve has built his own little empire. His fans admire his patience and hard work, which never lets him forget how it all began: Small and humble. No wonder he is considered the fashion shoe mogul of the 21st century. It's very rare, but the designer somehow has an inner sense of what's hip, how something will develop and how customers will react to it over time. And he really lives it out in his shoes. A little inspiration from rock'n'roll here, a little sex appeal there, combined with a dash of urban flair and we get some innovative, wild and really chic sneakers from Steve Madden!

Steve Madden Schuh
Steve Madden

This sneaker shows how Madden combines the reinforced platform sole with different colors and patterns to create his own style. But you can find out more about this below. ?

Steve Madden Ltd. - the company and its story

The year 1990 is the year we celebrate the birth of the brand. Steve was pursuing a dream that he wanted to realize with only $1,100 in his bank account. The goal was to create a big trend. To do this, he first had to anticipate the needs of the consumer, in order to ultimately design a top modern and up-to-date collection that would also be very promotional.

What you can't do with a little expertise and a good instinct. Because Madden opened a business and created a brand that's at the top of the game. But where does the prolific designer get all his inspiration from and how did this success come about?

"What inspires me is what I see people wearing on the streets of the world from New York to London and beyond. I get my ideas and inspiration from pounding the pavement."

Steve Madden

The trademark of the Steve Madden sneaker is from the beginning the reinforced platform sole. And it is exactly with this that he still writes an incredible success story to this day. Once inspired from the 70s, we find the chunky Madden shoes on our feet all over the world.

Music was my first love!

And music also plays an important role in Madden's collections. But it is not only in his shoes that he combines music with style. His passion has spread so far that he first founded Steve Madden Music. Here, too, he trusted his brilliant instinct and promoted stars like Lady Gaga, Katy Perry or even Halsey. But this was by far not enough for the gentleman, because the success already gave him the next idea, which of course had to be put into action again. In 2016 he founded the music label 5Town Records.

Steve Madden - this is not just the name of a company. The designer has made his name into a real brand. This now includes smaller, private brands such as Madden Girl, MADDEN, Freebird by Steven and many more. As you might imagine, that's still not all. Because the brand is also a licensee of other brands that sell accessories and also shoes. One of them is the popular sneaker brand Superga.

If you want to know more about Superga, Rebecca has written a really good blog post about the brand here! Probs go out!

The Madden shoes at a glance

We are your sneaker platform, so we love to deal with sneakers. But there are not only sneakers by Steve Madden. The designer probably covers with his collection almost all tastes. From high heels to boots, mules and of course sneakers. Here you get a little insight:

But we won't tell you much more than that now. There will be another blog post about Steve Madden in the near future. Here I will present you some of the coolest and craziest sneakers of the brand. Just check our Newsblog regularly!