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WMNS Club - or not? How you have never seen the Superga sneakers

June 5, 2020 9:15 AM
WMNS Club - or not? How you have never seen the Superga sneakers

Superga sneakers - You probably expect a nice blog with matching flower dresses from us, don't you? I will explain to you today why this sneaker has not that much to do with flower image.

The more adult readers may even get a memory boost, for the younger ones among us today there is the enlightenment about 'the Italian shoe'. AND! Everyone probably thinks WMNS Club topic and stuff. But I think the boys might like the history as well. Here comes a blog about the long history of the Superga sneakers. And you can find out what the Olsen Twins have to do with Superga.

An oldschool sneaker called Superga

With so many releases, hyped collabs and your most popular models, sometimes we don't even have the time to deal with the classics anymore. Because the kids among us don't know many of the stories of the classics. And associate this with other styles. Today I have taken a real classic to heart for you: The Superga sneaker. An oldschool tennis shoe, which was the forerunner of words like mid, low and platform or plateau sole. Maybe we Italians like to cheat with a few centimeters every now and then?!? ??

Superga sneakers - people’s shoes of Italy ??

As you may have noticed, I can call myself half-Italian because my father was born in southern Italy. So it is not far away that in my family Italian influences find their way more often. So I can definitely call my cousin 'Superga - Head', because she searches and finds them everywhere. Why she likes to wear the sneakers so much? Even the cliché is fulfilled in Italian, because with sweet southern Italian 1.58m and the matching petite feet, 'La scarpa degli italiani', ( translated: The shoe of the Italians) definitely fits to her Italian feet.

But not only the Italians have discovered this sneaker for themselves. These shoes have also found their way into the German, French and Scandinavian street scene. And Superga UK has immediately won important names in the fashion industry as ambassadors. Not least, through their casual & classic minimalism and summer feeling flair.

Since when has the Superga brand been around?

I can tell you - this sneaker is ancient. Let me give you one of our short #TheCrew background checks:

Superga Sneakers

The brand was brought to life in 1911 (!!) by Walter Martiny. All the years after, the shoe was known for its vulcanized rubber sole. What is that? Vulcanization implies the production of hardened rubber, often with sulfur ? At the time an innovation, as you can probably imagine. Also interesting is the name. Superga is in fact the name of the Basilica della Natività di Maria Vergine, a welfare church that stands on the Superga hill near the city of Turin. And surprise surprise, you can guess 3 times where the company has its headquarters. No, not in the church, but in Torino ??.

By the way, one of the most popular models of Superga is the 2750. Actually, no wonder, because this silhouette had decades of time to establish itself on the market. The first 'drop' took place in 1925 and in the following years these sneakers established themselves in the sports industry. Superga calls it the 'Classic Superga 2750 heritage style'. Take a look for yourself in the following commercial. I personally find it very appealing and aesthetic. ?

And an Italian shoe manufacturer, would not be a real shoe manufacturer if he did not want to convince you with craftsmanship and give you an insight into the craftmanship of a shoemaker:

NICE to know

In the 70s the Italian tennis star Adriano Panatta was won for the label. The Superga shoe was a tennis shoe. Then the young player brought a great innovation to the company, as he had the sole upgraded. The previously used sole was a bit too smooth for the gravel on the tennis court. ?

The Superga sneakers - a rebel, too??

While researching all the important information about Superga, its history and the good stories, I came across these commercials or 'brand movies'. What a good work, don't you think? Definitely check them out! I have to say, even in 2020 I was surprised by the rebellious character.

Superga commercial - L'ésame (1996)

Or what do you think of this one?

Superga Commercial - The Challenge (1996)
Superga Commercial - La Processione (1996)

Hate 'em or Love 'em


Superga - a real sneaker icon ?

I think we all agree that we have reached the part of this blog post where we can call this thing a sneaker icon without hesitation. I will now go one step further and tell you that Superga UK could not score anybody else but the Olsen Twins respectively Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen on their 100th anniversary in 2011 as creative directors of the label. This happened after the mother company of Steve Madden brought Superga on board.

The job as a designer is of course not new to them, as they have owned their own high fashion label - The Row - since 2006:

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Pre Fall 2020 Collection

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If one should talk about influencers, then the two may really call themselves women who brought influencerism into being long before anyone has ever talked about this term. What do you say? These two ladies breathe classic, style and PR.

Superga Sneakers
From the archives

But that's not all there is when it comes to glamour. Superga UK has also managed to tie Alexa Chung to the Superga brand as one of the most important brand ambassadors. What a good move, because this woman also stands for classic and timeless style and has been proving her skills in the fashion scene for years. Here I have some campaign pictures of the last months as inspiration for you:

Superga brand ambassadors

Other well-known brand ambassadors of the last years were for example Rita Ora or Suki Waterhouse. Until we come to today's collection and then back to the Italian roots. None other than blogger and influencer Chiara Ferragni shows you the new silhouette from its most beautiful side. A classic platform sneaker with the Superga silhouette in white and a very cool pink and semi-transparent sole:

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Ti amo troppo ❤️

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*I'm sorry I couldn't find this model anywhere else in the sales department for you. At this moment it is also not available at Superga itself. Either Chiara was able to turn the sale on within 24 hours so that everyone is gone. Or it is that fresh that she is already allowed to wear it for the sample. I will keep you informed!

Now I think you've heard just about everything you need to know about Superga to become a fan, right? Sono innamorata ? Definitely. And as you know, big sisters or cousins are usually right 😉

Tomorrow there will be a Superga shopping and trend guide coming your way and I will order a high top model, which one? You will find out tomorrow! ✌️

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