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WMNS Club: Nike Air Max Verona - The story of @maevvo

August 7, 2020 7:54 AM
WMNS Club: Nike Air Max Verona - The story of @maevvo

Remember? In the last few days I already introduced you to the silhouette of the Nike Air Max Verona. A sneaker that was first released in this version at the beginning of this year and found its origin as a pure WMNS sneaker. In 1992, the Nike Verona was first released for women's feet and then we come back to the 2020 Story of Nike together with ABOUT YOU, called'Break with the standard'.

Would you like to read through the last 3 blogs again? No problem at all! As always, I have a look back here for you 👇

Yesss! The campaign is great & the sneaker even better. There is definitely enough reading material and inspiration. But now we really come to the last part of this series and the grand finale makes none less than dancer & mother Maéwo. An inspiring lady, with an aesthetic Instagram account. So it's worth checking it out 😍

"I break the standard by having the courage to listen to my heart."


And what inspires me even more, she says in the mini movie:

"Trust the process. Keep going. You'll get where you want to go."


In the last few years, I have also realized that if you really want something, from the heart, you can find the way to get it. And not always in the way we were told before, only with blood, sweat and tears. But because one really believes in this vision, lives it and sees open doors through it. Sure, with ambition, but also with a positive mindset. I think this is the real key to personal success.

The outfit of Maéwo & Nike Air Max Verona

Maéwo has chosen this Nike Air Max Verona in the colors barely rose/sail/metallic silver/barely rose for her outfit. Powder pink, you could call it. Or just, very very nice.

Nike Air Max Verona
Barely Rose/Sail/Metallic Silver/Barely Rose

Okay, let's start with the real deal. This sports bra in black. You've seen it before, you think so now? It's already hanging in the closet. But, dear ladies. You'll do something good for the world with this thing. Because this sports bra is sustainable. If your old sports bra is ready for the recycling pile, then choose this friendly version this time:

NIKE Sport-BH in Schwarz / Weiß
Nike sports bra

And on we go with a little tension in the outfit. This leo leggings is probably not for every type of woman or the first thing she would reach for, but I bet that after this styling by Maéwo, the otherwise so grey little mouse styling sports girl also wants to switch to this grrrr variant. I mean, it was all about 'Break the Standard'.

Believe me, you'll be receiving compliments in one piece…

Nike Sportswear Leggings Animalprint
Nike sportswear leggings animalprint

…anyway, if you now combine that with the on trend style batik. Again, probably self-mixed, because the Nike tennis socks were dipped into a bucket of paint. 😍

Nike Tennis Socken
Nike tennis socks

How the batik thing went again?

Also for this we have the solution for you in the TIE DYE DIY video:

Sooo dear girls, I hope I made you hungry now, for new ways to break the standard. Or, if you not yet feel like saving the world tomorrow, a new outfit 😀

If you want to read more of the WMNS stuff, of course you can! And you can do so at our sneaker news of the WMNS club! Ciao ragazze!