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WMNS Club: Nike Air Max Verona - The story of @nessie

August 5, 2020 12:04 PM
WMNS Club: Nike Air Max Verona - The story of @nessie

Last week I already presented you the official story of the Nike Air Max Verona. It's a sneaker that maybe not many people have on the market yet, but it has the potential to become a part of the most popular WMNS brigade of Nike and sneaker women in the next years.

If you want to read up on what the kick-off of this Nike Air Max Verona series was all about, click on the button below to go directly to the blog post πŸ‘‡

ABOUT YOU has teamed up with 3 strong and interesting ladies and I found the whole campaign so inspiring that I didn't want to keep it from you. Not quite up to date, because it's been a few weeks already, but that doesn't matter, because better late than never πŸ€“

So what was that about again?

Break with the standard! πŸ™Œ Breaking the standard is not always easy. That's why we need role models who show us that it is possible to break free from social conventions and just do your thing. Empowerment does not work alone. Empowerment works best if we support each other and stop simply adapting. @nessie, @lisa_banholzer and @maevvo do just that. Each of the three women breaks the standard. Each in her own personal way. #NikexAY #AirMaxVerona


And today I would like to present you the story of @nessie. She breaks with the standard by believing in her dream and pursuing it with discipline. But I especially like her statement in the Short Video:

Just believe in your own heartbeat.


And she does. If you look at the instagram account of @nessie, you notice and feel that she actually does this. I personally find her refreshingly abstract and quirky. In offline life her name is Neslihan, which points to her Turkish roots, and as you already know me by now, I'm a fan of the influences of multi-cultural characters and the results of 'growing up in 2 worlds' anyway. I also have to admit that with my 32 years of age, I am always very surprised how the current generation manages to market itself to some extent. And this in a stubborn way and often very self-confident. You are way ahead of us 30s people 😍

The Nike Air Max Verona

But probably you are on our website because you are interested in the sneaker. So I don't want to keep you in suspense any longer. Nessie presents the Nike Air Max Verona in the colorway summit white/sail/magenta/laser crimson. A great color combination with 2 of your favorite colors: Sail and Laser Crimson. We saw the 'Sail' tone 2 weeks ago on the absolute hype release for WMNS, the Off-White x Air Jordan 4 SP WMNS 'Sail' and the 'Laser Crimson' tone we see most on the very popular silhouette of the Nike Air Max React.

Nike Air Max Verona

If you take a closer look at the design of this sneaker, there are many nice details to discover. The 'main' silhouette is derived from the Air Verona, which was released in 1992 as a pure WMNS sneaker. For the more 2020 touch, the Nike Air cushioning was added to this silhouette. Whether this was really done for the super duper comfort or because everybody is crazy about the Air Max (anyway here in the Netherlands) I leave it as an open question. It is clear that the Nike Verona has done well and made it into the Nike Air Max brigade.

The Style

The sneaker wears itself soft & comfortable in any case and fits super in a colorful outfit. If you want to buy this outfit, that is no problem at all! Here below I have added the best parts of her shooting:

Nike Sportswear Kleid in Mischfarben / Rot

Unfortunately, I could not find the Nike batik socks in the shoot either at ABOUT YOU or at Nike itself, so I actually assume that a creative stylist might have made them herself hatπŸ€”

So the woman herself, I'd say! I have found a funny DIY video for you from Amanda Ensing, it's worth watching! Oh yeah, you can get the socks in white here:

And as promised: The Batik DIY video of Amanda Ensing β€οΈπŸ§‘πŸ’›πŸ’šπŸ’™πŸ’œ

Sooooo, there goes this story for today. Do you want to read more women sneaker content? Or the other stories of this series? Then you can find everything at the WMNS Club!