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WMNS Club: Get fit with these fitness influencers

June 8, 2020 4:03 PM
WMNS Club: Get fit with these fitness influencers

You are not able to afford a membership for an expensive gym right now? Or do you just not see the point of investing money for your irregular visits to the gym? Whatever the reason is - it's still no excuse not to exercise at all. To stay fit you can easily open Instagram or YouTube. There are plenty of fitness influencers who will show you the best tips and tricks to motivate you to stay fit at home.

Whether through a YouTube channel or on their Instagram accounts - the fitness influencers show their best and most sporty side in social media. This whole fitness wave on the Internet really started with Sophia Thiel, who shared her progress and changes with her community and became more popular and better known.

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Okay, enough from the past, because Sophia Thiel has been out of the public eye for some time. But today I would like to introduce you to 5 fitness influencers, who A) are still around and B) can definitely motivate you to do more sports and a healthier lifestyle. Of course there are more, because Anne Kissner is also one of the successful women in the industry, but here is my selection, which is also a personal recommendation from me. My motto here: Find who suits you better! And with that we start now. Have fun!

Becs Gentry - not only runs on Instagram

The experienced ultra runner is also a Nike + Run coach and personal trainer. She likes to share her running pictures, experiences and successes on Instagram with her followers. Her motto: "Run free. Run with a smile. Run." There is real passion in it! Maybe her account will motivate you to put on your running shoes more often and do the odd lap or two.


If you do not have suitable running shoes, then we have just the right one for you:


Pamela Reif - the fitness influencer par excellence

Pamela inspires her over 5 million followers not only on Instagram with content about sports and her healthy lifestyle. Even better are her YouTube videos, where she presents the perfect home workouts. Whether you just want to get your cardiovascular system going, train your whole body or single muscle groups - at Pamela's channel you will find everything! And she also has more than a million subscribers here. Wicked woman!


Of course we also have the perfect shoe for your perfect workout:


Kaya Renz - what are your fitness goals?

She is in top form and trains constantly! Very exemplary. Like Pamela, the adidas athlete also has her own YouTube channel, where she takes you on a variety of workouts. What does she teach us? Definitely how to reach your fitness goals happily and healthily. She is also very active on Instagram and will take you on live workouts.


Also for the workouts of Kaya Renz there is a great shoe that I can only recommend. Here you can get an Ultraboost and yes, I have already tested it for you, so have a look at this blog post. And here is the shoe:


Mady Morrison - Yoga into schools

Mady is also very active on both YouTube and Instagram. But what makes her different from the others? She not only convinces with workouts that you can easily do at home, but also with yoga! And yes, Yoga is very good for the body and the psyche. Some of the advantages of yoga are the training of stability, the reduction of fat and the achievement of much more mobility.


Often we do yoga without shoes and socks, but Mady shows us how you can also just leave your chucks on:


Adriene Louise - one Love: Yoga

Adriene Louise is mainly on YouTube. Because here she takes her community to the coolest yoga sessions. Whether you've been in the Yoga Game for a long time or you're a yoga newbie - you're welcome here and can give yourself completely to the power of yoga. Yoga is the absolute strength training for the whole body.

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Tomorrow I return to the (virtual) yoga studio! Join me for a live class at @practiceyogaaustin - 11am (cst) Texas time! I started teaching at Practice Yoga Austin in 2015, after hearing about the energy and commitment to keeping donation based yoga available to our growing city. I also recognized many of the teachers as people whom I had witnessed a certain vibrant and selfless commitment to the work, having grown up here in Austin, and in the yoga and dance community. In an effort to not roll my dice so freely and easily with corporations, I agreed to teach a SXSW gig - only if it could be held at a local business (I wanted the money budgeted for a venue fee to go to a local.) I suggested they contact @practiceyogaaustin. They did. The rest is history! @reys_awareness gave me his trust along with the key to the front door. Not long after that I picked up a class, and then another, and then another. Today I’m co-owner of the studio along with two amazing humans, co-founders, who work with a small and amazing staff to support the absolute best and beautifully devoted yoga teachers in Austin. We work together as comrades, we continue to ask QUESTIONS, and grow, with plans to expand our wings in the service of others and in the spirit of deep and diverse community. See you tomorrow for *Anchored In Love* A Live ‘Pay What Feels Good’ Practice streaming here on the Practice Yoga Austin IG at 11:00a CST Friday 4/17. No sign up required. Donation optional! You can join by tapping PYA profile pic after the stream goes live. Links to donate will be in the bio. The practice will remain on the page for 24 hours after. All levels welcome. Benji *will* be there. I look forward to gathering with everyone tomorrow!! #PracticeYogaAustin #fwfg #YogaWithAdriene #AnchoredInLove #yogaforall ⚓️?

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In order to have more stability in yoga, in most cases you do it barefoot. But what do I pull on my feet afterwards? How about a nice Adilette:


Fitness does not always have to be expensive

The fitness influencers offer us a great opportunity to keep fit without having to spend a lot of money. That means no gym, no online program and also no annoying statements, like "If you want to change your privacy settings, e.g. give your consent, revoke already given consent click on follow the butto" and so on! So stop reading your New York Wall Street Journal and do sports! It can be so easy. With this I say goodbye today and I just say: Go for it! ?