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WMNS Club: Converse Lugged for your sneaker autumn

November 3, 2020 12:29 PM
WMNS Club: Converse Lugged for your sneaker autumn

Girls, do you know the Converse Lugged Silhouette? These special shoes have most of the elements of the famous Chuck High and combine them with a special sole. The sole is extra thick, extra robust and therefore perfect for your autumn sneaker. But it also looks great and gives the familiar Converse look a whole new touch. No matter what weather or style: The Converse Lugged models are something special.

That is why we would like to present the silhouette in more detail today. Because currently you can create your own design and customize the sneakers as you like. We will explain how this works in a moment. Do you want to start shopping right away? Then click on the button to access the entire collection at Converse:

Chuck Taylor All Star Lugged Winter

The Lugged Silhouette is super versatile. This model, for example, is made especially for the winter. The robust sole protects you from cold roads and is even suitable for snow. The leather upper is robust and comes with a warm lining. The olive green colour is very trendy at the moment.

Lugged Leather Chuck Taylor All Star

A similar look, also perfect for autumn and winter, but slightly more classic. The typical Converse Chuck look comes here with leather upper in black and white accents. The sneakers keep you warm and dry and give your look a special touch.

Chuck Taylor All Star Lugged High Top

This model shows that the Converse Lugged does not only work in the current season. The classic canvas upper in combination with the chunky sole makes the sneakers special and super versatile to combine. Even if it gets warmer outside again a great look!

Create your own look with Converse Lugged by You!

I have already mentioned it, you can now design your Lugged Sneaker as you like. Here you can choose from different patterns and colours. Also included are great animal prints, which are currently very trendy. The material here is always leather. You can also choose between many great colours to create your very own look! You can find a few examples below. With the button you can go directly to Converse and create your own design! Have fun!