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WMNS Club: Break with the Standard - Nike Air Max Verona - The Story

July 30, 2020 4:38 PM
WMNS Club: Break with the Standard - Nike Air Max Verona - The Story

Verona. The name that Nike has given this 'new' sneaker sounds like art & love. Verona stands for young love, beauty, misunderstood love (for the culture vultures among you: The famous balcony of Romeo and Juliet is in Verona 🤓 ) and oh, it just sounds nice. But believe me guys, the Nike Air Max Verona has got a much bigger job from Nike. This sneaker stands for strength and for breaking boundaries.

Whaaaat?! So now I don't understand anything anymore. No problem, ABOUT YOU, a German online fashion platform, translated the core values of this sneaker into a campaign very aesthetic and individualistic. Have a look 😍

*Translation: Break with the standard! 🙌 Breaking the standard is not always easy. That's why we need role models who show us that it is possible to break free from social conventions and just do your thing. Empowerment does not work alone. Empowerment works best if we support each other and stop simply adapting. @nessie, @lisa_banholzer and @maevvo do exactly that. Each of the three women breaks with the standard. Each in her own personal way. #NikexAY #AirMaxVerona

This is about empowerment. The Nike Air Max Verona may be the source of inspiration for this theme and ABOUT YOU has documented 3 young and strong women who are working to break the standard. To think differently. Not to use labels. To stand for something or maybe just for nothing. I'm inspired by women who stand for progress and change, so this time I want to surprise you again with a blog post series.

The Nike Air Max Verona

It is hard to believe, but the original of this model was first released in 1992. And even more important for our WMNS Club here: It was THE FIRST sneaker ever to be released only for us - women. Didn't you know that either? Well, I think it's really worth mentioning and an important info, if you still want to become a millionaire with 'Who Wants to be a Millionaire?

That's her, then. The original silhouette:

What do you think? Is the 1992 or the 2020 version of the Nike Air Max Verona your favorite?

Clearly, the silhouette has been further developed. With the ever-returning theme of futurism, the silhouette, which incidentally was introduced at the beginning of 2020, fits in perfectly with the trend. In the meantime, 2 hands full of colorways have been developed. You can see a good overview by clicking on the banner:

So how does Air Max get its name? Cause back in the day, it was just Nike Verona.

If you've had a good look at this sweetie, the 90s version of the Nike Verona is missing the air cushioning. The eager designers of Nike actually gave the old school silhouette a make-over and the result is this great piece:

The typical elements of the Air Max have been adopted and the design is to offer a new wearing comfort. The colorways are in my opinion stubborn and not for everyone immediately in 1 to 1 into the everyday life translatable, but good style is often not very quick understood as well known also not immediately simply. But no doubts, we provide you as so often, with the coolest outfit inspirations, look here:

But back to the main story. So ABOUT YOU took on the Nike Air Max Verona and developed the campaign, which I already teasered above, in line with the very important theme of empowerment. Nike itself describes the Verona like this:

The Nike Air Max Verona is just like you: beautiful, unique and strong. 


The 3 beautiful, unique and strong ladies Aurora, Lisa and Neslihan fit perfectly as brand ambassadors. You can have a look at all articles, the campaign and the sneakers at ABOUT YOU or come back to our WMNS Club in the next few days, because I will introduce the 3 of them a little bit closer and will also talk about the different colorways and outfits.

I'm breaking the standard by…

"… I have the courage to listen to my heart. (Aurora, passionate dancer and mother) / "… "I will not be labelled." (Lisa, co-founder of Blogger Bazaar) / "…I believe in my dream and pursue it with discipline." (Neslihan, stylist). How do you break with the standard?


If you love the superpower of women - empowerment - follow more blog posts of our WMNS Club! From Sneaker women. For sneaker women.