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WMNS Club: adidas & Stella McCartney - women collective, sustainability and high fashion vibe

September 8, 2020 3:41 PM
WMNS Club: adidas & Stella McCartney - women collective, sustainability and high fashion vibe

They did it again ❤️! British fashion designer Stella McCartney & adidas have launched a new collection for autumn/winter 2020 that will definitely take you in style to your gyms, yoga bars, parks or the football field. Look forward to the Workout Wardrobe Collection with really stylish pieces and interesting collaborators.

If you want to have a look at the collection before you start with the story, then click on the button here. I can imagine, because sometimes you just don't want to wait to unwrap your present, right?

The earth doesn’t stop moving, so we don’t either.

Yes, exactly, you have seen right! The pretty lady who plays the leading role in this video is Lourdes Léon, the daughter of Madonna. She plays an important part in this collection and has not only created the choreography but also co-directed the campaign video 💪. The 23-year-old fights for ecological and feminist causes. As she has known Stella McCartney for a long time and is behind her mindset, she was invited to put together a strong group of young women who are committed to these very issues.

Who's behind this collective?

This strong group of women worked under the supervision of director Anna Pollack from Brooklyn. Other women invited by Lourdes to join this collective are artist Uzumaki Cepeda, performance artists Oumou Traore and Henry Chesley, dancer Lynnette Paz & also drummer, Anysia Kym Batts.

“My generation is sensitive to the needs of each other and the planet, and the state of the world affects us. I have known Stella my whole life, and trust her sustainable vision for this versatile new performance collection with adidas. It’s great because, for the campaign, Anna and I had the freedom to create something that reflects that authenticity, working with a collective of friends who support us and share our values – dancing and moving in harmony in the wild wetlands just outside of New York City.”

Lourdes Léon

Stella's response to this:

“I am continually inspired by today’s generation. They are born activists, who use their platforms to campaign for sustainability, strength and collective, creative freedoms – all values that adidas by Stella McCartney champions. This collection is made for them. We have pushed the boundaries of innovation to create bold standout pieces that fuse high-fashion and performance, using sustainable materials to reduce our impact on the planet so we can create a better world for generations to come.”

Stella McCartney

So when two generations of talented women, so incredibly smart and future-oriented work together, I really have to say, you can only be impressed, can't you? And I would have loved to have been there 😃. Wouldn't you?

adidas & stellamccartney

The Collection of adidas & Stella McCartney

And the ladies have really thought of everything. Because the collection is huge: sneakers, jackets, sport bras, tops, cycling shorts, longsleeves, leggings. But also shorts, waistcoat, cap, backpack, pouch bag, tote bag, key ring, socks, duffel bag and even an adilette. The collection is really diverse and you can definitely 'equip' yourself with it 🏃‍♀️.

On the basis of this jacket I will show you what the ladies had in mind when developing this collection:


The TRUEPACE jacket provides absolute performance with functionality and style. The WIND.RDY material (this name! 😍! The ladies have done good marketing 👌) protects, as it says itself, against wind.

adidas Nachhaltigkeit

As we have read in several Maren blogs, adidas is really making a difference when it comes to sustainability. For example, this design is made from 100% recycled materials. Even if you might find the price of some parts a little bit in the higher price category, now you understand what is going on.


And then the ladies also thought about a practical design. Because who does not know it? You don't feel like carrying that loose jacket around with you all day long. And so you simply turn it into a stylish bag, don't you? Easy 🤷🏻‍♀️.

The collection counts several more such innovative and interesting pieces and I would say just scroll through the Workout Wardrobe collection yourself. Don't forget to read through the product details of the articles, because this is important reading material for your knowledge of a sustainable product mindset.

So dear ladies. I have already picked out my favourite parts 👏 :


And have fun shopping! See you tomorrow: New week - new sneaker chance 😀!