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Win an item of your choice at Warrior Shanghai!

December 20, 2020 9:36 AM
Win an item of your choice at Warrior Shanghai!

A new day in December also means a new prize that you can win in our Advent calendar. Until December 24, you can open doors every day, behind which there are great surprises! Today there is something from Warrior Shanghai and what exactly, you can actually choose - so there is an item of your choice to win. Below you can read in detail how to participate.

Warrior Shanghai is a sneaker brand founded in 1930. Warrior Shanghai shoes are sturdy, comfortable and durable. The kicks have been worn by some athletes, politicians and businessmen over the years.

In the 70s, the model of WB-1 was also very popular among basketball players and the sneaker is still worn today.

Warrior Shanghai - the offer

On the brand's website you can choose between the models of the Warrior DIME sneaker, the WB-1 sneaker and a cool clothing collection. The Warrior WB-1 has not changed since the 70s and this classic sneaker is still available in different colorways - pure retro.

The Warrior DIME is then a reworked, slightly more modern version of the classic Warrior silhouette. The sneaker has a suede upper and leather details. Below you can find pictures of all the products.

Sneakerjagers Advent Calendar Giveaway

If you want to know in detail how our advent calendar works, you can read it here. All you need is our Sneakerjagers app, which you can download directly here.

In the release calendar you will find a hint to our advent calendar. There you can open today's door and today, no surprise anymore, the prize this time is an item of your choice from Warrior Shanghai. Feel free to check out the other days until Christmas and get great prizes.

winnen Warrior Shanghai
winnen Warrior Shanghai
winnen Warrior Shanghai
Warrior Shanghai