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Will this be the next hype? Red Wing Shoes will release Mario Boots

March 13, 2023 1:51 PM
Will this be the next hype? Red Wing Shoes will release Mario Boots

Now that the hype of the red Astro Boy boots is slowly blowing over, Red Wing Shoes, together with Nintendo and Illumination, is announcing a new, bold concept that might just match the hype. Namely, the three bring us the original Super Mario Boots.

It's really true, the shoes the video game character has been wearing since 1985 are being released. In honour of the premiere of the first Super Mario Bros Movie, Nintendo, Illumination and Red Wing Shoes are producing a prototype of the Mario Boots.

Red Wing is an American brand that focuses on high-quality durable work boots, which is of course exactly what Mario would need in real life. The Mario Boots consist of innovative materials and are made with traditional shoemaking techniques. The signature shoe includes a small label from the Super Mario Bros Movie, highlighting the collaboration with the film.

Unfortunately, it is unclear at the moment whether we will ever be able to get our hands on the Mario Boots themselves, but if you happen to be in New York during the months of March and April 2023, you can check out a pair at the Nintendo store near Rockefeller Center.

What do you think of this Mario shoe? Will this become as much of a hype as the Astro Boy Boots? Let us know via Instagram or Facebook! Stay up to date on everything going on in the sneaker community via our news page.

Watch a video on the creation of the Mario Boots below!

Super Mario Boot