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How does a Sneaker Raffle work?

November 11, 2020 8:54 AM
How does a Sneaker Raffle work?

When you least expected it, you were scrolling comfortably through Instagram and you discovered a sneaker you really wanted! Unfortunately the shoe won't be out for a few days, so you decide to be patient and buy the shoe on release day. When the day arrives, you walk to your sneaker shop of choice, only to discover that a mile-long queue has formed in front of the shop. People have been waiting all night to be the first to enter when the store opens. The sneaker seems to have been more popular than you thought and online all sizes are already sold out. But what can you do about it? Not everyone has the time and inclination to set up a camp in the shopping mall. This is where the Raffle comes into play.

What is a Sneaker Raffle?

Sneaker Raffles are all about winning the right to buy. This means that even if you win a Raffle, you still have to pay full price for the shoe. This may sound strange to some, because who wants to win the right to buy something? But the way the sneaker scene has developed in recent years, such measures are inevitable.

Why are there Sneaker Raffles?

In the past, collecting sneakers was still a relatively small niche. Of course there were some rarities, but were they often really strictly limited or even unique pieces. Today sneakers have arrived in popular culture and the demand is enormous. Shoes that are now released in "limited" quantities still have much larger editions than they did back then. One of the most famous examples and also a small trigger of the hype was the Yeezy and among them the model of the Boost 350 V2, designed by Kanye West. The mixture of Kanye's popularity and excellent marketing brought the collecting of limited edition sneakers into the mainstream. And where there is a great demand, a market will naturally emerge.

Resellers quickly recognised the potential in limited sneakers. People are willing to pay more than three times the actual price to get a particular sneaker. This was at the expense of people who simply want to wear the shoe or collect it. Professional resellers found ways to claim large parts of the editions and resell them at a higher price. To counteract this, the "raffle" was created. Even if it is not a perfect system and resellers still often put a spoke in your wheel: It is nevertheless a decent solution to distribute the chances of a shoe fairly.

How does a Sneaker Raffle work?

The raffle of the right to purchase usually takes place a few days before the official release of the sneaker. You indicate your shoe size and, if applicable, the desired colour and then hope to be one of the lucky winners.

A distinction is usually made between an Online Raffle and an Instore Raffle. As the name suggests, it is either an Online Raffle or an Instore Raffle in the shop where you have registered for the Raffle. However, you should know that you have to be personally present at an Instore Raffle to pick up the shoe. You will also need to bring an identity card to prevent one person from winning more than once.

Example of a Yeezy Raffle from 2017

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Updated 05/07/2022