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The Coca-Cola x Crocs Clog collection in detail

November 21, 2023 11:18 AM
The Coca-Cola x Crocs Clog collection in detail

Crocs is definitely not standing still when it comes to collaborations. After recently seeing a McDonald's and Cars collection pass by, it is now Coca-Cola's turn to put their spin on the Crocs Clog!

The Coca-Cola Crocs are unveiled in three colorways. Each pair pays homage to two of the world's most famous soft drinks. Of these, there are two variants of the classic cola. One in red and another in the Polar Bear edition. The third variant is inspired by Sprite, with a blue/green gradient reminiscent of the now-discontinued cans. In addition, each pair features Jibbitz reflecting the famous soft drinks.

The expected release date is 22 November. For now, take a detailed look at the full Coca-Cola x Crocs collection below and discover other collaborations from Crocs!