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Versace x New Balance: Salehe B. teased new Collabo!

May 26, 2020 5:27 PM
Versace x New Balance: Salehe B. teased new Collabo!

From 'Prada x adidas' & 'Dior x Jordan' to 'Versace x New Balance' but wait just for your information - you won't get the shoe yet, because there is no release date, yet! But dear community don't be sad, because we will keep you up to date and let you know as soon as possible when the sneaker will be released!

By the way: Would you like to know more about the other two collaborations? Then take a look at the two blogs from Stella! You'll find the buttons for her blogs down below and there is one thing I can tell you beforehand, the two blogs are top notch! So here goes my shout out to @stella! Well done!

Back to collab - Salehe Bembury, VP aka 'Vice President of sneakers and men's footwear', at Versace, teasered on his IG channel the new 'New Balance' collaboration! The Vice President came up with something special, because his Instagram teasers are aesthetic and 'out of this world'! How do you come up with such a brilliant idea to teaser a sneaker like Salehe did - just wow! Actually, this doesn't surprise me, since he worked for Kanye West before… oops spoiler alert! You'll find more about it in a minute! First we take a look at his Instagram posts! Enjoy!

That's how you teaser!

Already in December 2019 Salehe Bembury posted a picture about his upcoming collaboration with New Balance! His 'Salehe Bembury Branding' was printed on a 'washed out denim' garment! A lot of people are still wondering where the branding was printed on! Is that a jeans or a denim jacket? This is and will probably always be a secret! Below you can find the Instagram post (Fig.1). What do you think? Where did he print his branding on it?
(Fig.1: First teaser for New Balance collaboration)

On April 18, 2020 the second 'teaser post' of Salehe Bembury was published. This time we got a look at the 'tongue' of the shoe! Also the 'Salehe Bembury' branding is there, which was kept in a blue tone! The Versace x New Balance sneaker will probably come in an orange colorway and uff, as you can see the sneaker is made out of mesh! As with the previous teaser, we don't get to see much of the sneaker here either (Fig.2). Just have a look at the laces!

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(Fig.2: Versace x New Balance sneaker - tongue)

Who? Versace? Salehe Bembury? Don't know him.

As I already told you in the beginning, Salehe Bembury worked for Kanye West. But wait Virgil Abloh was also working for Kanye West in the beginning! Yes, exactly! Wait? You didn't know that? Then have a look at the following blog 'Virgil Abloh - the man behind Off-White!'

Back to Salehe Bembury and Kanye West - Salehe was responsible for the 'Yeezy Line Collection 3 and 4'! After that, the two fashion designers parted ways and now Bembury is the vice president of Versace. To be more precise, Salehe Bembury is responsible for the men's sneakers line of Versace! Actually crazy who have worked for Kanye West before, but that kinda reminds me of … oops, do you want to know more about Kanye West? Then take a look at our 'Kanye West Yeezy - Triology'! There you'll find everything about Kanye and all 'Yeezy Models'! Just click on the button down below to get to the article!

'UPDATE' or 'Teaser'?

The latest update came on May 21, 2020 and he also posted it on his Instagram channel! What do you see here besides the New Balance logo? At first sight it looks like 'orange' moss, but if you look closer! Then you only see the orange moss…. But yeah, at least it is now confirmed that the sneaker has an orange colorway! You can find the pictures of the teaser below! Look at this masterpiece, how aesthetically it lies around. By the way, we still don't know on which New Balance silhouette the Versace x New Balance collab takes place! Stay tuned guys!

Versace x New Balance
(Fig.3: New Balance is that you?)
Versace x New Balance
(Fig.4: 'Ahh New Balance x Salehe Bembury')

So this blog about the 'unknown' New Balance x Versace shoe ends here! If you want to know more about the sneaker, then check out our Newsblog from time to time! Because there we always keep you up to date! Why? Because you are important to us!