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Veja - the hottest sneaker models of the sustainable brand

September 25, 2020 5:44 PM
Veja - the hottest sneaker models of the sustainable brand

Veja - the sustainable sneaker brand has long become a cult! Sneakers from Veja are often vegan, produced under fair conditions and made of sustainable materials. Their stylish looks are visually inspired by the 70s. At Veja, retro look meets values that want to make the world a little better. And with that, dear community, Veja does good and of course absolutely meets the pulse of the times.

The French founders, Sébastien Kopp and François-Ghislain Morillion, went on a journey before the creation of Veja to better understand the evolution of raw material prices, as well as the process of manufacturing sneakers in the world. At Veja, people ask themselves if another world is possible and they want to answer this question with yes. Steps in the right direction are here: Fair working conditions, above average raw material prices, vegan and natural materials and sustainable production.

These are the hottest sneaker models from Veja

I have already hinted at it, dear community. The designs of the Veja sneaker models are based on the 70s and convince not only by their production, but also optically by their retro touch and their minimalistic, but still special design. The most popular models are the Veja V-10, the Urca/Campo, the Roraima, the Rio Branco and also the SDU Rec. And these styles we want to present to you in detail today:

Veja V-10:

This sneaker model from Veja is available in different versions: Whether leather or suede, vegan or even with mesh - the V-10 is always sustainably produced. Its minimalist design is totally in line with the trend. Here we have the sneaker for you all in white. Like all Veja sneaker models, the kicks were produced in Brazil under good conditions, sustainably. The upper is made of vegetable tanned leather and the lining of biodegradable cotton.

Via the picture you can see our selection of V-10 models:

Veja V-10

Veja Campo:

Here in the colorway Tonic, an equally clean sneaker with a minimalist silhouette. The yellow accents round off the look. But the Campo model is available with elements in various colours. The heel tab and the V on the side, for which Veja is known, are then mainly dyed with natural colours.

Also here you get a lot more styles of this model, if you click on the picture.

Veja Campo

Veja - schau hin!

VEJA Roraima:

This sneaker model by Veja is the first mid-top version of the Brand. Here we get a hybrid of classic sneaker and hiking shoe. The upper is designed in a water-repellent suede, which makes it a super robust and yet quite stylish companion, especially now in the upcoming autumn. The silhouette is a great alternative to the otherwise rather plain silhouettes of the brand.

Also here the picture brings you directly to our sneaker collection, where we have more colorways for you:

Veja Roraima

Veja Rio Branco:

A silhouette that is also slightly different. Of course the V on the side is not missing here either. But the sneaker has a more sporty look and is cut a little wider. The mix of suede and mesh on the upper makes the kicks comfortable and makes for a great feeling. The outsole here is made of natural rubber.

About the picture there are more Veja Rio Branco Looks:

Veja Rio Branco

Veja SDU Rec:

Why this model from Veja is so trendy at the moment, you can see for yourself, dear community. A great sneaker look with a mesh and suede upper that is breathable, robust and flexible. The mesh is made of recycled plastic bottles. The sneakers from Veja are not only visually appealing, but also because of their fair production and well thought-out materials.

More colorways? There is again about the picture!

Veja SDU Rec