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VEJA - look: A brand with vision and awesome sneakers

September 15, 2020 11:40 AM
VEJA - look: A brand with vision and awesome sneakers

VEJA! This is Portuguese and translated it means: Look! And that's exactly what we want to do today by introducing the brand to you in more detail. Because there is a lot to tell! VEJA sneakers not only fit stylishly into our time, they also try to lead a trend-setting production and make a difference. How they do that, you can read here:

How it all began

The history of VEJA started in 2005 and since then we have regularly received beautiful and fair sneakers of the brand. The French company was founded by Sébastien Kopp and François-Ghislain Morillion and is based on the question: Is another world possible? With their brand and their values, the founders want to try to fundamentally change consumption in our society and make it fairer. This will then gradually help to answer the question with: Yes!

Before VEJA was finally created, Kopp and Morillion travelled the world and looked at various sneaker productions on their way. Determined to show how things can be different and better, they built up their brand and have been trying to keep sneaker production, trade and materials fair and sustainable ever since. Whoever buys a VEJA sneaker today, buys a shoe from trend-setting production.

You have managed to initiate a rethink in the sneaker scene. With a sneaker from VEJA you can be part of this rethinking and step by step (watch out for puns) go in the right direction. Now you can find out what makes the brand and its work so worth supporting:

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Since we started VEJA in 2005, we never had a corporate Code of Conduct. We did the contrary : on field, we have been developing ourselves fair trade supply chains in Brazil, working directly with organic cotton producers, and with rubber tappers in Amazonia. We spent years in Brazilian factories, learning how to make sneakers step by step. This was and still is the goal of VEJA, to change every step of the production chain from the raw materials to the stores. Since day one, we work with Ateliers Sans Frontières for logistics. This French reintegration association handles our warehouse. Thanks to this partnership, more than 200 people found back a proper job. We met and know almost the 1 800 stores who sell VEJA all over the world because we want them to understand our project.. It’s essential for us to know personally all our partners, to go on field, share their lives, share their problems, from the farmers to the high-end stores. We developed a way of behaving more than a corporate document that nobody reads. VEJA is growing, and labels like @bcorporation push us to create all those documents, to explain how we work, and to be even clearer about issues like child labour, forced labour, work safety, wage respect and decency, animal welfare, gender equality, or sexual harassment… So, we work on gathering all our practices into one document, even if we found it very boring. Our Code of Conduct puts VEJA’s different path into words – available on our “Transparency” project page. But not matter the beautiful corporate documents we can have, it is the way we behave on the long run that matters. Only reality matters. #veja #vejaproject 📸 : @sebastien_kopp

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Vegan. Organic. Sustainability. Fairness.

These are all terms that we use much more often in the sneaker scene and in our world in general! The production of the VEJA sneakers tries to combine all these characteristics. To achieve this, the brand pays raw material prices that are above average and tries to use recycled materials as much as possible. For example, they use fish leather for some of their sneakers. What? Yes, you read it right. The skin of certain fish is actually thrown away in the processing of the animals. The sneaker brand recycles this waste and makes high-quality shoes out of it.

At VEJA the dependence of our society on plastic and oil is catastrophic and they want to counteract this. VEJA wants to approach it differently and find new and better ways. That is why they are also committed to the development of vegetable, environmentally friendly colour pigments, for example. The problem with natural colours is that they fade after some time. Of course, this is not a welcome feature in a quality shoe, which is why the founders now want to take a different approach.

The company also relies on natural products for its materials wherever possible. Vegetable-tanned leather, natural rubber and organic cotton are just a few keywords. In addition, VEJA tries to take its time and make every step of the production process thorough and fair. In order to be able to bring a great, sustainable and appropriately produced end product to the market in the end. The brand is in close personal contact with its partners in Brazil and attaches great importance to fair trade.

VEJA Sneaker - fair, beautiful and trend-setting

In their sneakers we find a design of the 70s that fits perfectly into our time. If you want, you will find vegan shoes at VEJA, which are completely produced without any animal products. For athletes there are running shoes that are produced as ecologically as possible. At VEJA you will get sneakers with timeless design, produced in a trend-setting way!

And we want to have a look at such sneakers now! First we chose a simple model for men and women that can be combined to many styles. The V-10 Marsala comes in a style that is currently very trendy. The silhouette with the perforated toe box and burgundy elements, the white leather upper and the robust outsole make this sneaker a timeless and comfortable companion for everyday life. Just click on the picture and get this shoe from 129€.


The Rio-Branco Arctic Pierre, here also in a light design, looks a little more chic. The mesh and leather upper makes the sneaker look classy and, as we know, it comes from fair trade and sustainable production. The sole gives good grip and hold due to its profile, which is an advantage especially in the autumn with the rain and slippery roads. The V on the side of the sneakers is the trademark of VEJA and you will find it on every shoe of the brand. From 115€ you can call this great sneaker your own!


We still have one left! The Esplar Suede comes in this style only for the girls. But the silhouette is more often available at VEJA. Here you will find more sneakers in this style. Our sneaker comes in the hot olive green and has a suede upper. The silhouette is partly sporty, like our first model, but is still chic and casual. The V is also a must and comes in black, which is a great contrast to the green. Starting at 100€ this pretty sneaker can be yours!


Sneakers about sneakers: VEJA and much more!

I hope you got a good insight into the history and also into the products of the brand. Our selection of VEJA sneakers is large and everyone will surely find what they are looking for! Just click through and get a sneaker of the brand that emphasizes sustainability and fair trade. You are interested in sneakers in general and everything related to them? How practical! Then you are exactly right here!

In our Sneaker News you will find lots of information and our Release Calendar shows you all new shoes that are coming out!