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UPDATE | Yeezy Scuba Boots for your diving course! ๐ŸŠ๐Ÿฝโ€โ™€๏ธ

July 24, 2020 3:53 PM
UPDATE | Yeezy Scuba Boots for your diving course! ๐ŸŠ๐Ÿฝโ€โ™€๏ธ

[Update: July 24, 2020] Kanye West's Yeezy Scuba Boots fits to suits! Hola dear community, already last year pictures of Kanye West in the Yeezy Scuba Boots were circulating on the World Wide Web! Mr. Kanye West surprises us again and again! Before we start with the kickz, we have the latest Kanye West News here.

His Yeezy x GAP Collabo Collection has already been teasered on Instagram. In the IG Post you can see a warehouse hall or the entrance to a warehouse. On the floor the clothes are spread all over the place! In the background you can also spot a 'Yeezy Vehicle'. We have marked the post for you below, take a closer look!

From the Yeezy x Gap Collabo to Kanye West's latest album! The last album from Kanye West is 'Jesus Is King' and was released in 2019! Kanye West's album 'Jesus Is King' includes songs like 'Follow God', 'Closed on Sunday', 'Selah' and 'Use This Gospel'. The drop of the new album 'DONDA' by Kanye West was scheduled to release today. We are still waiting... . Below we have marked a picture from the tracklist of the album 'DONDA' for you!

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DONDA coming this Friday

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Yeezy Scuba Boots? Where?!

So far you still haven't heard from me about the Yeezy diving shoes! Be patient beloved community, because there is still news from Kanye West! As you already know or have heard, Kanye is running for the US presidential election and Mr. West has already made his first, rather emotional, speech.

Aufgrund dieses Auftritts hat sich der Rapper/ Designer/ CEO sich zu seiner Ranch in Wyoming zurรผckgezogen. Es kรถnnte sein, dass Kanye West sich von Kim Kardashian scheiden lรคsst, aber back zu seiner Ranch in Wyoming! Mr. West gehts anscheinend schlecht und deshalb flogen seine Freunde zu ihm und sicherzustellen, dass es ihm gut geht! Den Instagram Post von der Re-union findet ihr unten!

Because of this appearance the rapper/ designer/ CEO moved to his ranch in Wyoming. Kanye West could divorce with Kim Kardashian, but back to his ranch in Wyoming! Mr. West seems to be in bad shape so his friends flew to him to make sure that he is okay! You can find the Instagram Post from the reunion below!

Already spotted in 2019!

The Yeezy Scuba Boots have already been spotted at the 'Sunday Service Performance' in 2019. The rapper wears the kickz and next to him is the upcoming rapper Lil Nas! He is not wearing Yeezys but Air Jordans! You can find the Instagram Post again below!

As you can see, the shoe has a high cut. When adidas and Yeezy will drop the kickz is still unknown. Unfortunately we don't have a release date for you here. But take a look at our Release Calendar! There you'll find all 'Upcoming Sneaker Releases' as well as the retailers where the Kickz will drop! If these Yeezy Boots are made of neoprene or if they are made for diving is still unknown. Anyway, this will be a different 'Yeezy Drop' again! Cyu and ciao!