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UPDATE | Yeezy D. Rose aka. Yeezy x Derrick Rose 😧

August 15, 2020 10:42 AM
UPDATE | Yeezy D. Rose aka. Yeezy x Derrick Rose 😧

[Update August 15th, 2020] The Yeezy D. Rose were part of Kanye West Twitter's spam on the weekend and here we report for you exclusively about the Kickz! If you missed the 'Twitter Spam' then just click on the button below. It will lead you straight to the post! There you will find more upcoming Yeezy Colorway releases for various YZY models, as well as more information about the new Kanye West album 'Donda'. Enjoy!

But before we start with the kickz, I marked a Twitter post for you down below! Maybe Kanye West didn't design the shoe, but found it somewhere! But yes, check out the post below - it will surely make your day! Let's Go!

Yeezy Derrick Rose?

Who the hell is Derrick Rose and why is this new Yeezy named after him? Uff questions over questions, but yes, dear community, we went for you a 'knowledge hunt' and have for you here 'exclusive' information about the Kickz. Derrick Rose is a US-American NBA basketball player and has been under contract with adidas for a long time. Rose also has his own adidas collection, so this collabo was not that unlikely. Besides, both Rose and West are from Chicago and Kanye tends to make collabos with Chicago people!

But now to the kickz! The Yeezy was published on Kanye's Twitter account aka. 'Ye' via Tweet on 09.August 2020. With the caption 'YZY D Rose coming soon 🕊' And with Kanye West surprised the whole sneaker industry! Who would have thought that a new Yeezy Silhouette would be released so 'randomly'. But yes, in the Tweet you can see the 'Rose Prototype'.

We also got hold of the first 'On-Feet' Pics for you. The wife of Derrick Rose 'Alaina Anderson' wears the Yeezy D. Rose and looks very happy in the video! The release details of the kickz are still unknown, but as soon as we have the info, you will find it directly in our 'Sneaker News'! That's it from the Yeezy x Derrick Rose (Yeezy D. Rose) Collabo!