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Update | Nike WMNS Dunk Low better

September 19, 2020 9:15 AM
Update | Nike WMNS Dunk Low better

[Update 17. September 2020] What's up Community, this blog will mainly interesting for the girls here. Because next year there will probably be two super clean Nike Dunk low Colorways exclusively for you. After you already had one of the most hyped releases exclusively for you this year, with the Off White Jordan 4 'Sail', fingers crossed that the shoes drop even in bigger sizes 🤞. Nike will also grant you a super nice exclusive releases in 2021. If we believe the boys and girls of py_rates_, there will be two WMNS Nike Dunk low colorways next summer.

The two WMNS Nike Dunk Low ,not only look mega, they are also supposed to be sustainable and vegan, which makes the sneakers even better.

As already mentioned, the release will be in summer 2021, in the waiting time you can find all other releases in our release calendar.

Are the WMNS Nike Dunk Low perfect summer sneaker?

Yeah, they definitely are. The two Dunk Lows differ only in the colours of the accents, otherwise the two Kickz are completely identical. Same, Upper, same details, all this is the same, only in the secondary colour the two Dunks differ. One has a beige colour, the other a salmon colour. Two colourways, which are made perfect for the summer 2021, by their colours and vibes. Because one thing is clear: These two colours are trendy every summer.

The only problem with the Colorways? The picture from py_rates are just are Mock-up and the exact look is not confirmed yet! I personally hope that at least the upper one, of the two dunk lows will be released, like it looks on the mock-ups. Even more I hope, that the shoes will not remain exclusive to WMNS. Because for me the two sneakers are already absolutely perfect shoes for summer 2021.