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UPDATE | Nike Air Force 1 x G-Dragon second collab!

July 8, 2020 10:53 AM
UPDATE | Nike Air Force 1 x G-Dragon second collab!

[Update: July 08, 2020] The first pics of the Nike Air Force 1 x G-Dragon have appeared! Like the previous model the 'Peaceminusone' flower symbol is on the Tongue! You can find the pics to the kickz by clicking here!

[Update: June 03, 2020] *Leak Alert* - a new Nike Air Force 1 x G-Dragon collab drops! If you clicked on this blog post because of this gem, then hold on tight, because here you'll get the best infos for the best community! And don't forget dear community! We are going on the hunt the hottest kicks for you!

Attention dear community, as you know this is an 'UPDATE' blog post - the sneakers presented here are just coming out! For most models the release date can change at any time! But, we keep you here on our blog always up to date!

Leak Alert!!


G-Dragon aka Kwon Ji-yong is a South Korean musician and designer. The boy is a living legend in Asia! Everybody knows him because he was discovered by YG Entertainment and he started his career as a singer/rapper in the boy band Big Bang. The band released their first album in 2006! Since then the singer has become the fans' favourite and a centre of attention in South Korea! How? G-Dragon has participated in many Korean reality shows and his live performances are on fire!

He started his solo career in 2009 and was super successful with the band as well as with his own projects. Even then he was considered the trendiest and coolest dressed member of the band and was known for his artistic interest. His style of dress is completely different from other people! Furthermore, the rapper started 2015 with an art exhibition called PEACEMINUSONE. At the end of 2016 G-Dragon and his stylist Gee Eun founded the fashion brand PEACEMINUSONE with his own designs! This project was also quite successful and the designer is already collaborating with big names like Nike 3 years later. His designs are known for his extraordinary and artistic style!

Le's comment: G-Dragon is my idol! Not only is he musically gifted, but he is also artistically gifted. I was lucky and was able to cop the first PEACEMINUSONE AF1 at the 1st drop! If you are wondering how the sneaker looks like, we have some nice on-feet photos for you below!
P.S.: This is my pair!


Any questions left?

The sneaker looks exactly like the first AF1! But the upper and the upper material is white and the sole is black! The Swoosh of the new model is also black. Therefore the question remains with the 'new' collab whether the upper, as with the previous model, also tears down when the shoe is worn 'frequently'! We are curious and we hope you are too! That's it from us, see you later!

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