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Update | Frame Skate x Nike SB Dunk

October 9, 2020 8:21 AM
Update | Frame Skate x Nike SB Dunk

Servus Community, it looks like we're getting the next super hyped Dunk Release. It feels like the 300th of the year. Let's be honest, does it bother anybody? I don't think so, because we all love Nike Dunks, especially Dunk Lows. When I see what is still to come, with the Frame Skate x Nike SB Dunk this year, I am happy that Nike is releasing so many Dunks this year.

According to @resell.heaven the Frame Skate x Nike SB Dunk will release later this year. Stay tuned about further updates, on when the exact release date will be, but a fall 2020 release is expected. The new Dunk will cost 100€.

The details of the Frame Skate x Nike SB Dunk

The Color Scheme is given to the Dunk, by the flag of the United Arab Emirates. So the colours of the Dunk are white and red, with a swoosh in black and green. Why this is the case, will be explained later on. First, why the sneaker has the nickname 'Habibi' and is therefore also known as Frame Skate x Nike SB Dunk 'Habibi'. Habibi is Arabic and means translated 'my darling' or 'my favorite'. An Arabic term and the colours of the flag of the United Arab Emirates, that makes it clear where the shoe comes from. From the Arabic Emirates, that's where Frame comes from, who Nike works with here for the new Nike Dunk. More precisely, Frame is based in Dubai.

Frame Dubai

Frame Dubai, most of you will probably not think of a skateshop, but rather of the ultra-modern skyscraper "The Frame", which acts as a kind of picture frame for Dubai's skyline.

Besides the skyscraper, there is also the skateshop Frame in the Arabian metropolis. This one now works together with Nike SB and brings his home on to a Nike Dunk Low. On the one hand this is done by using the colours of the home flag as a colour scheme, on the other hand the laces are attached to the classic Arabic headgear Keffiyeh, which is clearly visible.

So that's it, with all we know about a possible release, as soon as there is more, you'll find it out in our updates. To end things of, now some on feet pics of this really great Nike Dunks. If you want to know more about the history of the iconic Nike Dunk, check this out!