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Trend: White adidas ladies sneakers

May 31, 2020 9:26 AM
Trend: White adidas ladies sneakers

Your opinion counts: Are you still in the white sneaker game? Or are you no longer following the trend? In many sneaker collections we still find white sneakers. Be it adidas, Nike and New Balance or Kennel Schmenger, Paul Green or Tommy Hilfiger - you won't go wrong with a white sneaker. That's why we present you today, matching the trend, white adidas sneakers for ladies.

adidas shoes take your everyday look to a new level. They offer not only comfort and perfect fit, but also an always modern look. Click on the button to go directly to the adidas shoe collection with white sneakers for women:

But now we present you a top 5 selection of the trendy white sneakers from adidas for you ladies - including a Stan Smith, an Ultra Boost, a Superstar Bold, an EQT Gazelle and an adidas Stan Smith OG Primeknit. Have fun!

adidas Stan Smith

Let's start with a real sneaker icon from adidas. The Stan Smith is already known for his white upper and the colored details. This one makes a difference again, because it comes with velcro instead of laces. Price: €89.95/£70


adidas UltraBoost

The Ultraboost is one of the most popular sneakers from adidas. With its Boost technology it promises you optimal cushioning, whether you are jogging, walking or shopping. If you want to know more about this model, take a look at our Newsblog under the keyword adidas Ultraboost. There I have recently put together a whole series of blogs about this nice running sneaker. Price: €159.95/£139.95


adidas Superstar Bold

The adidas white trend sneakers for ladies naturally also include the superstar. It is also a real classic from adidas. Here it comes in white with an extra high sole that makes you a few centimetres taller. Price: €109.95/£84.95


adidas EQT Gazelle

Bring the 90s back to your home with this adidas Originals. The silhouette of the EQT Gazelle is not an absolute classic from the adidas family, but it is still a real gem for your feet! Price: €109.95/£84.95


adidas Stan Smith OG Primeknit

Last but not least we have another Stan Smith for you. But this time an OG Primeknit. The white primeknit upper is a great contrast to the blue detail on the heel. In addition there is a rubber sole and ready is the nice style. Price: €109.95/£84.95


If you are looking for even more sneaker styles, then take a look at our Sneaker Collection. There you will surely find what you are looking for. Otherwise, that's it for today from me. I hope you enjoyed my blog about white adidas ladies sneakers in style with the Stan Smith, the Ultra Boost, the Superstar Bold, the EQT Gazelle and the Stan Smith OG Primeknit.