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Top 10 black and white adidas sneakers

August 28, 2023 2:00 PM
Top 10 black and white adidas sneakers

The pairing of black and white has been adored for a considerable time and signifies an ageless, adaptable, and refined style. These hues are uncomplicated while retaining their stylish allure, allowing for effortless combinations. Uncomplicated black and white ensembles, following the principle of 'less is more,' are once again in vogue this season. At adidas, you have a broad assortment of white or black sneakers to select from, enabling you to craft your distinctive appearance.

Below, we present you with the best black and white sneakers from adidas!

Samba OG

Samba OG

Having been introduced in 1950, the adidas Samba has progressed from being a football boot to becoming one of the most sought-after sneaker models. In the last year, this particular model has witnessed a remarkable upswing in popularity, leading to an exceptional demand. With its supple leather upper, suede overlays, and a natural rubber outsole, the streamlined, low-profile silhouette encompasses all the features anticipated from a fitting everyday sneaker.



Throughout the summer, Adilettes are an essential addition, without a doubt. Opting for black Adilettes offers you the perfect adaptable option that complements any situation.



The ideal shoe for those with an active lifestyle. If you walk a lot and are constantly on the move, this sneaker provides maximum comfort, allowing you to move effortlessly through your daily routine.

Gazelle OG

adidas gazelle

Another timeless favourite that should definitely not be missing from any shoe collection is the adidas Gazelle. A true classic, this model has served as both a training shoe and streetwear sneaker since its launch in 1968. The black and white colour combination does full justice to the retro design.



Inspired by the retro style of the 1990s and early 2000s, this sneaker adds a cool look to any outfit. The subdued colour combined with the striking design creates a perfect balance.


bold stripes white adidas

A modern interpretation of the 1984 Forum sneaker, the Forum Bold Stripes retains all the features, patterns and materials of the original. Moreover, the design is enriched with a raised sole, adding an extra dimension to the whole.


forum low

The black and white low version of this strap model is also a great option for a relaxed, sporty everyday look. The design offers an informal style suitable for various occasions, such as university, school, work and city activities.



With wide laces and a large retro adidas logo on the tongue, the Campus 00s have a look all their own. They pair well with oversized trousers and a chill basic shirt.

adidas Superstar

superstar white adidas

A true retro legend, the black and white adidas Superstar is as loved in the present as when it first appeared in 1969, thanks to its timeless and unique design. Recognisable by its iconic shell-toe, the sneaker is the ideal choice for everyday wear and effortlessly matches any outfit.

Stan Smith

stan smith white adidas

The Stan Smith exhibits a clean and simple design, cloaked in a classic black and white colour palette. This makes it a sneaker that blends seamlessly with any outfit. With this model, you will always make a safe choice.

This was our selection of the ten best black and white trainers from adidas. For a wider range of models, you can discover a range of black and white styles on the official adidas website.

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