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Top 10 available Karhu Fusion 2.0 sneakers

February 8, 2023 3:11 PM
Top 10 available Karhu Fusion 2.0 sneakers

Released in 2015, Karhu Fusion 2.0 has taken over the world through its comfort, durability and outdoorsy look. The sneaker is designed to offer a runner comfort, while the exterior is suitable for an adventure in both nature and the city. Take a look at the following top 10 available Karhu Fusion 2.0 and pick your next pair!

Karhu Fusion 2.0 'Black Black'

Who doesn't love a pair of comfortable black shoes? This Karhu all black sneaker will not only match any outfit, but will be also perfect for the days when you just want to blend in. And yes, you might say you have enough black shoes, but we both know there is no limit to how many pairs of black shoes we can have 😉

Karhu Fusion 2.0 'Gunmetal/Jet Black'

We all have that one friend that likes to keep it casual yet spices it up from time to time but 'just a little bit' - the 'Gunmetal/Jet Black' is for them. The black upper base features yellow and pink details that don't make too much fuss about themselves, and yet give an eye-catching look to the silhouette. If you found the all black design too calm and want a pair of black sneakers with a bit more personality then this should be the chosen one!

Karhu Fusion 2.0 'Gunmetal/Jet Black' on feet

Karhu Fusion 2.0 'Dawn Blue'

If the previous ones were 'too dark', let's try something a bit more diversified. Part of the Karhu Fusion 2.0 'Ursa Minor' Pack, the 'Dawn Blue' colorway comes in a white/grey/blue palette. Not only they are easy to style in basically any outfit involving a pair of jeans (and perhaps a white t-shirt) but the vibrant blue accents truly make the design stand out.

Karhu Fusion 2.0 'Chambray Blue'

For all the ones that are still mourning the selling out of the popular Karhu Fusion 2.0 'Patriot Blue' colorway, we suggest taking a look at the Moomin X Karhu Fusion 2.0 'Chambray Blue'. This partnership is particularly important for the brand as it highlights its Finnish heritage, Moomin being illustrations that have been present in Finnish houses for more than 50 years.

'The world of moominvalley' book cover side by side with Karhu x Moomin Fusion 2.0 'Chambray Blue'

Karhu Fusion 2.0 'Orienteering Pack'

Remember the day you checked the website and saw the hyped Karhu Fusion 2.0 'Asparagus' available in your size and said, 'Oh, I will get it later' and then it sold out? Yes, we've all been there... However, if you are still in search of a similar one, the 'Orienteering Pack' colorway can be seen as its 'greener' match. The various tones of green give the design an earthy look, ready to be integrated with any neutral outfit.

Karhu Fusion 2.0 'Dawn Blue/Basil'

We understand the need for a Karhu Fusion green, its outdoor design somewhat implies the presence of this colour. But because traditional is sometimes boring, the 'Dawn Blue/Basil' is a must-have due to its integration of green and brown with grey and blue. The colorway is a great combo for walks in the city or hikes on the mountain.

Karhu Fusion 2.0 'Dawn Blue/Basil' on feet

Karhu Fusion 2.0 'Bright White'

The only Karhu Fusion 2.0 white colorway available on the market is 'Bright White'. The popular colorway features a white base with some faint pink and light grey details. These give the model just the right amount of colour to still keep it in a neutral palette. We suggest you get your hands on one of those as they will get sold out again!

Karhu Fusion 2.0 'Rhododendron'

Finally, some good news, the popular 'Rhododendron' colorway is still in stock and you can get it by clicking the link below (if you read this at the right time you might be lucky and still find your size on sale... you can thank me later ;). This sneaker incorporates a pleasing colour palette on a bright white base. Take out your favourite pair of jeans and get ready to rock your new Karhu!

Karhu Fusion 2.0 'Rhododendron' on feet

Karhu Fusion 2.0 'Lily White/Green Moss'

Last but not least comes the popular 'Lily White/Green Moss' colorway. The trendy design features a colour palette hard to miss with a combination of natural tones and grey. It can be easily accessorised with a pair of jeans and a green or neutral top for a casual look that is ready to impress. Get yours at the link below and enjoy the comfort of Karhu Fusion 2.0!

Karhu Fusion 2.0 'Silver' - Ursa Minor Pack

The star from the Karhu Fusion 2.0 Ursa Minor pack is indeed the 'Silver' colorway due to its out-of-space design. Featuring shiny silver overlays all throughout the upper and petrol blue around the sock line and lances, this design is a very good choice for the big city. If you take them for a walk on a sunny day you might even blind your fellow walkers with the coolness of this colorway, so take the chance and get yours while still available.

Karhu Fusion 2.0 'Silver' on feet

This was our top 10 available Karhu Fusion 2.0, but if you want to look into all the colorways in stock right now then click the button below!