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This is the new adidas Ozmillen

October 28, 2023 3:07 PM
This is the new adidas Ozmillen

adidas has come up with a brand new silhouette, dear Sneakerjagers! The new adidas Ozmillen appears in a retro look and reminds you of a silhouette you might already know. Let's take a closer look at the kick together!

The adidas Ozmillen is an update to the adidas Ozweego- a sneaker that already dropped in the 1990s. Now comes the Ozmillen, which is inspired by the 90s but combines modern details of today to the look.

The new silhouette comes with a mesh upper and metallic overlays that give the kick a sporty look that combines retro vibes with a modern touch. The adiplus damping also offers you a lot of comfort.

Also good to know: The adidas Ozmillen is made from at least 20% recycled materials. By reusing materials that have already been manufactured, adidas is helping to reduce waste and dependence on finite resources and reduce its environmental footprint.

via adidas

You can find the sneaker in our sneaker search engine, of course, or you can check out the adidas website directly. In our overview you can check out where exactly you can get hold of the kick, in which sizes it is available and how much money you would have to put aside.

In our news we always keep you up to date with new silhouettes like this one as well as other news out of the sneaker and streetwear scene. See you there, dear Sneakerjagers!