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These are the coolest Nike SB items at Nike

July 25, 2021 9:00 AM
These are the coolest Nike SB items at Nike

Read on if you are a Nike SB lover, because I have listed the coolest Nike SB items for you! All items are available at Nike and with one click on the button we will direct you to them.

About Nike SB

Next to the big skate brands, Nike Skateboarding has earned its place in the skate world since 2002.
In 1996, Nike launched the Nike ChoadSnak and Schimp. In the process, Bam Margera became Nike's first Team rider. The skate community did not like this. They thought Nike was too big a company and they didn't like the sneakers it made. But how did Nike become so big in the skate world?

In 2001, Sandy Bodecker became the head of Nike Skateboarding. He noticed that people had been skating on Nike models for a long time. They already used the Nike Blazer and the Air Jordan 1. At that time, these Nike silhouettes were a lot cheaper than skate shoes, super comfortable and had a lot of grip on the board. Sandy had the idea to release the upcoming Nike SB sneakers in small quantities and not to sell them in big sports shops (since skateboarders didn't care about that).

Bodecker had the idea to turn the 1985 Nike Dunk into a skate shoe. The insole of the Nike Dunk was made a lot thicker to make the landing softer. Besides that, the sole was designed to have better grip on the board. But the biggest change to the sneaker was the tongue. The tongue was made thicker for a more stylish look. To gain the trust of skateboarders, Nike hired four skateboarders for their team. These were Reese Forbes, Gino Lannucci, Richard Mulder and Danny Supa. All four skaters also got their own Nike Dunk colorway. Nike finally got the trust of the skateboard community. Because of this, the Nike SB Dunk was finally seen on the feet of skaters.

Reese Forbes, Richard Mulder, Gino Lannucci en Danny Supa SB Dunk
The Nike SB Dunks from Reese Forbes, Richard Mulder, Gino Lannucci and Danny Supa SB Dunk

Favourite Nike SB items

The sneaker is not only for skaters, so don't worry if you had any doubts. Nowadays, Nike SB sneakers are worn more for lifestyle use than for skateboarding. Besides that, Nike doesn't only sell its skateboard division footwear. You can also get clothes there. Check out the selected items below!


Roze Nike skateboarding shirt
Nike shirt
Sb T-shirt met engel
Nike T-shirt

Bottoms and sets

Khaki groene Nike skateboarding broek
Nike SB broek
Nike SB set
Nike SB jacket


Nike SB Dunk
Coming soon
Nike blazer sneakers
Last pairs
Nike Janoski
Nike blazer sneakers


Nike SB cap
Nike SB tas

Hopefully there are some nice items for you! If not, you can click on the 'view more here' buttons. These will direct you to more Nike items. Keep an eye on our news page for more inspiration and where to cop blogs. Also follow us on Twitter. Here we share even more sneaker news and leaks. Happy Nike SB shopping!