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Popular New Balance 574 colorways you don't want to miss

April 29, 2023 9:45 AM
Popular New Balance 574 colorways you don't want to miss

The New Balance 574 is a classic sneaker that was first launched in 1988. It has undergone various updates and adjustments over the years, but due to its timeless design, it remains one of the brand's best models. In this blog, we will show you the most popular New Balance 574 in detail!

What you need to know about the New Balance 574

The story of the New Balance 574 began in 1988. The silhouette was created by the then New Balance designer Steven Smith and was intended as a versatile sneaker suitable for both running and daily wear.

The 574 was popular from the beginning and was favored by runners and sneaker enthusiasts. The design was a combination of high-quality materials such as suede and mesh, combined with the ENCAP midsole for cushioning and stability.

In the nineties, the 574 got an upgrade in the form of new colorways and materials. The version with a combination of suede and nylon mesh was particularly well-received, making this style the signature look of the model.

In the 2000s, the New Balance 574 made a small comeback. The sneaker was integrated into the fashion world by many streetwear brands such as Stüssy, with whom New Balance collaborated, and other trendsetters.

Today, the New Balance 574 is a classic sneaker and is considered a timeless style icon by many. The shoe is still produced by New Balance and released in new colorways and materials. In this blog, we'll show you a small selection of the 574!

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The 574 has a suede and mesh upper for breathability and durability. The ENCAP midsole provides cushioning and stability, while the rubber outsole provides grip.

The best New Balance 574 models

Let's start with the most popular New Balance 574 models - if you click on the buttons, you can see immediately if the pair is still available in your size.

574 White/Royal Blue

New Balance 574

Let's start with one of the most classic colorways: the White and Royal Blue. The upper of this pair comes in a mix of suede and mesh. What is characteristic for this silhouette, in addition, is that the sneaker is also equipped with the 'N' logo on the side.

574 Beige/Off White

New Balance 574

This is a classic unisex sneaker. The upper is executed in a beautiful beige and can be combined with anything. The N logo contrasts nicely with the light upper.

574 Black/White

New Balance 574

Probably the most classic colorway of the New Balance 574: Black & White. This pair also comes with a suede and mesh upper. The tongue is made of 100% recycled polyester. The outsole has also been made a bit more sustainable and comes with 5% recycled rubber.

New Balance 574 Green/White

New Balance 574
New Balance 574

Next up is a unisex sneaker in the color Green/White. Like its predecessor on this list, this silhouette comes in a more sustainable version. Here you can see how you could style the 574. Whether it's casual or dressed up - the sneaker fits any style.

New Balance 574 Sandstone/Angora/Seasalt

This colorway is specially made for our WMNS. The sneaker comes in classic, subdued tones and is therefore super simple and elegant at the same time.

NB CT574 Forest Green/Royal

New Balance 574

This design looks different from all the other silhouettes before, but it is still part of the 574 family. This model is called 'CT574' here, where 'CT' stands for Court. This is a special Court version. However, what makes it a 574 is the classic suede and mesh upper.

New Balance 574 Legacy Angora/Crimson

New Balance 574

You may have noticed that this 574 has a slightly different name - 'Legacy'. That's because this kick comes in a slightly 'nobler' look. However, the upper and design have not changed much.

574 Navy/Classic Burgundy

New Balance 574

Unlike the other silhouettes, this design features a leather upper. The colorway of the silhouette is navy and classic burgundy. The perfect dad sneaker!

574 Bronze/Black

New Balance 574

We end the overview of the most popular New Balance 574 with the ultimate banger. This WMNS 574 is available for just €55. Use the button below to see if it is still available in your size!

Which New Balance 574 did you like the most from this list? Let us know on Instagram! By the way: If you still have no ideas on how to style this silhouette, check out our styling channel. Here we share a lot of inspiration with you!