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The ultimate UGG FAQ

January 7, 2024 12:57 PM
The ultimate UGG FAQ

We all know the well-known UGG boots, which are seen super often on the streets these days, especially in winter. But did you know that UGG also makes loafers, sandals, sneakers, slippers and apparel? To answer more questions like these, a FAQ fits perfectly - welcome to the ultimate UGG FAQ!


The history of UGG Boots

We start in 1978, on the American west coast among a bunch of surfer dudes. The story behind UGGS started with Brian Smith, who came around with a bag full of sheepskin boots. He was convinced to put the boots on the market, because he himself was a total fan of the soft and cuddly sheepskin.

In 1980, UGG became a symbol of the casual lifestyle in and out of California. In the beginning, the lined shoes were only found in surf stores along the coast. The colder it got, the more ski stores recognized the potential in the cuddly boots and took them here too.

At the end of the 90s, stars and starlets also discovered the casual boots and made them more and more famous in the fashion industry. Nowadays you can see the UGGS actually everywhere in the world.

The ultimate UGG FAQ

Let's start with your most frequently asked questions about the UGG brand. Do you have any other questions that we can answer for you? Feel free to ask us directly via Instagram: @sneakerjagers

How to clean UGG's?

Before you clean the UGG's, you should make sure that the dirt is completely dry because the coarse dirt can then be removed more easily. Then you can take a wet sponge and dab the dirty boot carefully wet. There is either directly from UGG or from other manufacturers special wool detergent, which we would recommend you. Rub this in gently and finally remove the detergent residue with a clean sponge. Another tip: Stuff your UGG's best with old newspaper, so they do not lose their shape. That's it!

Are UGG'S water resistant?

No, UGG boots are not water resistant. This is due to the material - because genuine leather has micropores that let air through on the one hand and water on the other. We would therefore recommend you to impregnate the UGG boots in advance!

What is the size of UGG boots?

The UGG boots turn out true to size. For slippers from UGG we would rather recommend a size larger, but the sneakers from UGG are true to size.

Should you wear socks under UGG boots?

The sheepskin used in the UGG boots not only has the function of keeping your feet warm, but also has a temperature-balancing effect. Therefore, UGG itself recommends to wear the boots without socks. Whether you implement this or not, it remains on your own decision.

How expensive are UGG's?

The UGG Boots will cost you between 75€ and 200€, depending on the model.

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What does the abbreviation UGG mean?

The name UGG is not an abbreviation, but a word from the colloquial language of Australians and New Zealanders. They so name a certain type of boots..

Do UGGs really keep your feet warm?

Many models of UGGs keep your feet well warm. They are made of lambskin, which provides a lot of warmth, but at the same time is able to regulate temperatures. So you can wear your UGGs boots even in summer, depending on the look.

Do you still have some questions? Feel free to ask us directly on Instagram and we'll answer them in another FAQ. By the way, here you can find all other sneaker FAQ's via the button below: