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The Ultimate Sneakerjagers Sock Guide for Boys and Girls

May 26, 2021 12:00 PM
The Ultimate Sneakerjagers Sock Guide for Boys and Girls

For a long time I was convinced that the ankle always had to be free and that there had to be a bit of bare skin between the trousers and the shoe. With the burgeoning hype about socks in all variations, I think I have to rethink my point of view. We now wear everything: long, short, plain, colourful. With fancy patterns, with food or even the old white tennis socks that only old men used to wear in their sandals. Where is this going and what is a no-go? (Imagine a dramatic crescendo at this point, but don't worry!) We're rushing to the rescue with our Sneakerjagers Sock Guide for Boys and Girls!

During our shoot, we noticed that we all dress quite classically and without colourful prints, at least on our socks. Since more is more here, you can always be more daring than us and walk the streets with more colour and more patterns. Make the look yours!

High Top Socks for Boys

Very rarely do our boys from the office not go for long socks, it has to be really hot outside and the shoe definitely has to be a low-top version. As I said, they choose the classic white. They also recommend never combining a black sock with white shoes! In general, it can be said that black socks are not very popular. What do you think?

Three looks from Ryan with High Socks

Ryan shows you his signature look, yet three different variations. He couldn't part with his long socks and only with great difficulty was he convinced to show you another pair besides the 'Patta' version.

It combines the Nike SB Dunk High x Carpet Company, the Nike Dunk High Spartan Green and the Patta x Reebok Club C.

Carpet Company Dunk
Nike Dunk High Green
Reebok x patta

Mats in business, sports and chiller look

Mats, on the other hand, shows you a business look and, in contrast, a sporty and a Sunday-go-just-to-the-bakery outfit. To be fair to him, I more or less persuaded him to wear sweatpants for the guide, because both guys wouldn't leave the house like that. Just like Karl Lagerfeld, who also declares sweatpants to be impossible. Basically, a fresh pair of joggers always goes, of course, and we wanted to show you a wide range of choices.

Mats wears the Nike Zoom Fly Doernbecher from 2018, the Jordan 4 Retro 'Cool Grey' from 2019 and the Nike Air Max Plus 'Kiss My Airs'

Jordan 4 Weiß
Nike Air Max Plus Kiss my Airs

No Rules for Girls

Oh, how nice it is to type this headline! I'm currently working very intensively with women in, from and with the sneaker scene, which is why I'm very keen on the topic.

Back to our socks guide. No rule is the rule - applies to boys too, of course, by the way! Sanne and I created very different looks with all the socks we had in our wardrobe anyway. But we join the boys and say: No black socks in white or light-coloured shoes.

Sanne two times casual and one time summery

Sanne shows you two super casual-chic looks that you can also wear to the office. For the Vans Old Skool, which she combines in absolutely trendy monochrome, she chooses sneaker socks. These are socks that only go down to the ankle (and always go anyway).

She also casually combines the Nike WMNS Dunk Low Disrupt 'Ghost' with rolled-up jeans and short socks.

Vans Old Skool

But you can always wear long socks here if the weather doesn't like us! What do you think, do you prefer high or low socks?

In her summery look with a floral dress, she dares to wear a tennis sock with her Converse Chuck All Star high top.


Three comfortable looks with Maggy

Comfort is key - we all learned that last year at the latest, and if I'm spontaneously surprised in the home office, you can be prepared for leggings and long socks right away. Et voila: Look number one with the adidas Falcon in white.

adidas Falcon

The second outfit is also based on leggings, but this time "typically Dutch", as Sanne says. I didn't want to wear only white socks with the classic adidas Superstar again, so I chose this fish-net version. So I break our tip at the beginning (no black to white), but the zebra pattern complements well, what do you think?

Lastly, I wear my new favourites, the All Star Run Star Hike in green. Just like Sanne, I wanted to create a monochrome look with a patterned green dress. With high top socks I was then rather unsure, especially since there was already so 'much going on' on the dress, but you can certainly rock it!

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