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The Ultimate Nike Dunk FAQ

February 11, 2023 1:58 PM
The Ultimate Nike Dunk FAQ

The Nike Dunk has become one of the brand's most hyped silhouettes. Launched over 35 years ago, the sneaker has made its way from humble college basketball sneaker to one of the most wanted models.

The History of the Nike Dunk

It all starts with basketball. As is often the case in the sneaker scene, basketball is the cornerstone of successful sneakers. It was the same with the Dunk, which first saw the light of day in 1985, when college basketball was at its peak.

The designer behind the Nike Air Jordan 1, Peter Moore, presented the very first Dunk, or as it was called back then 'College Colour High', also in 1985. Its design was inspired by both the AJ1 and the Terminator. To this day, these references can still be discovered in the new silhouettes.

The first twelve colorways of the Dunks were released that same year. All of the colours were inspired by America's leading basketball schools, including the University of Michigan, Iowa, Kentucky and Georgetown.

In 2001, Nike released its first collaboration with Stüssy and presented the Stüssy x Nike Dunk. The collab sneaker was only available in very limited quantities and was super limited. After only two weeks, the silhouette was completely sold out.

In the following years, the Kick became more and more popular. In the meantime, the model has firmly established itself in the sneaker scene and it's hard to imagine life without it.


The Ultimate Nike Dunk FAQ

What are Nike Dunks?

Nike Dunks are legendary shoes from the Nike brand. The sneaker first came onto the market in 1985 and has enjoyed great popularity ever since. Especially since 2020, the Kick is extremely hype and always sells out super fast.

Are Nike Dunk Jordans?

No, Nike Dunks are not the same as the Air Jordan. While there are many similarities, there are also some differences between the Nike Dunk and the Jordan. The most noticeable differences between the two models are:

- Upper: The upper of an Air Jordan has more panels (this is the upper part of the shoe that covers the sides and back of the shoe) than the Dunk. The Jordan usually has 6 panels, the Dunk only 4.

- Branding: The Nike Dunk has a different branding than the Nike Air Jordan. The Dunk usually comes with an OG toe and Nike branding from the 80s. The Air Jordan, on the other hand, has a Jordan Jumpman logo on the toe. Also, the AJ1 comes with a Wings logo on the back of the sneaker, while the Dunk only ever has the Nike branding.

- Sole: The Nike Dunk sits on a foam midsole, whereas the Jordan always comes with an Air sole unit.

Why are Nike Dunk so popular?

The Nike Dunk is so popular because of its original colours, storytelling and unique details. In addition, many celebrities hype the sneaker: Among them are Kylie Jenner, Travis Scott, and Migos member Offset.

What is the most popular dunk?

The Nike Dunk 'White Black' is one of the most famous, if not the most famous Nike Dunk Low colourway since its release in 2021. Despite a lot of restocks, the rush is still huge and you can get the kicks for a good price. If you want to know which Dunks are also extremely popular, then take a look at this post here: The current best-selling Nike Dunk Lows on StockX.

Where can I still get Nike Dunks?

You can buy Nike Dunks in almost all sneaker stores - but watch out: The model is so popular that it always sells out super fast. In our sneaker search engine you can simply enter the name of the model and we will show you where the sneaker is available, how much it costs and in which sizes it is still available. It's easy!

How quickly are dunks sold out?

Most Nike Dunks are sold out within a few minutes. At resellers like StockX, or on the secondary market, you can get hold of the sneakers for three times the manufacturer's price, if you're lucky.

That's it for the ultimate Nike Dunk FAQ! Do you have any other questions? Then feel free to ask us via Instagram!