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The ultimate New Balance 327 FAQ 👀

August 9, 2021 4:00 PM
The ultimate New Balance 327 FAQ 👀

I could really go on and on about the New Balance 327. I like the model so much that I always have to be careful not to click on the buy button during our sales. But the NB 327 is still relatively new and a skilful mix of retro and futuristic.

Learn more about the silhouette, the designer and the background in our ultimate New Balance 327 FAQ.

New Balance FAQ

When did the New Balance 327 come onto the market?

The New Balance 327 was unveiled on the runway at Paris Fashion Week FW20 in January 2020, but the design process began at the end of 2018.

The special thing is that the shoe didn't just appear on the market, but that it was dropped together with a collab. Read more about this in a moment!

Who designed the NB 327?

The NB 327 was designed by the young designer Charlotte Lee. She says herself: "When creating this shoe, I wanted to make sure I was inspired by the past, but in a completely different way than was done before. I don't want to create another shoe that looked like it was from the seventies.”

New Balance 327 FAQ
Charlotte Lee / New Balance

What was the New Balance 327 inspired by?

For the New Balance 327, Charlotte Lee dived deep into the archives of the Boston sports brand. She was inspired by three models from the 70s: the New Balance 320, the 335 and the Super Comp. New Balance also introduced the now famous N logo on the 320s in 1976.

“When I was looking through our archives, I was looking for things that were iconic and things that stood out to me as being different. Layering those elements together, created a shoe that felt relatively recognizable to the consumer, but at the same time it was a little bit like, ‘Oh, I've not seen that before.’”

Charlotte Lee

But feel free to watch the video for more insights -

What was the best collab on the New Balance 327?

As already announced, the first NB 327 was not just dropped, but in cooperation with the French-Moroccan brand Casablanca.

This fits like a glove, because Charaf Tajer, himself French and Moroccan, who launched the label in 2018, is obsessed with the 70s.

New Balance 327 FAQ Casablanca
New Balance 327 FAQ Casablanca

His flowing, silky and strikingly printed dresses often look like they were stolen from the suitcase of a moustached tennis champion holidaying in a Mediterranean resort shortly after winning the trophy. All this energy went straight into the 327.

Casablanca's first sneaker collaboration dressed Tajer in the classic colours of the tennis court: lush panels of orange and green suede surround perforated white leather along the upper.

The result is a flawless summer sneaker and the most desirable new New Balance sneaker in recent memory - perhaps ever - because it so unashamedly draws on the brand's rich and coveted history.

“When I first found out about us working with Casablanca I was amazed, because it was a dream come true for me. That's where I wanted New Balance to position itself. When you look at Casablanca’s collection, it just felt like they'd been designed together. That to me is a perfect collaboration, when two brands come together and they're on the same path, they're looking at the same references, they're thinking in the same way.”

Charlotte Lee
Casablanca & New Balance

How much does the New Balance 327 cost?

The New Balance 327 silhouette retails for between €90-129, depending on the colorway and shop. Of course, we have a wonderful selection of all models and styles for you in our sneaker collection. There we show you in which size and at which price you can buy them.

Where can you shop for the New Balance 327?

You can now buy the New Balance 327 in many online shops or even in local shops. For example, my mum actually still has the last one in her size at Foot Locker while the colorway was either sold out online or only available in men's sizes.

If you are at New Balance directly you can be sure - as long as they are not sold out - that the complete sizing range is available.

How does the New Balance 327 fit?

The NB 327 fits true to size and is also great for wide feet, I speak from experience! The brand has shoes in sizes 35 to 55 in the men's models like no other!

Is the New Balance brand good?

In fact, New Balance is one of the few brands that still produces in the USA. Maybe you already know what you're talking about, because this question comes up again and again.

But quality and integrity can't be praised often enough, right? According to this, the 'Made in US' kicks come from two factories in Massachusetts and three in Maine. There is also a high-priced range made in Filmby, UK. Finally, in China, the brand makes T-shirts and other sportswear as contract productions.

The Boston-based brand is "all about today", which is why they are committed to people, the environment and meaningful change in the footwear and apparel industry. Find out more about New Balance in our sneaker news.

Where is the New Balance 327 made?

Unlike the exclusive 'Made in' models, the NB 327 is made in China. This also explains the relatively low price. PS: I have this colorway and I'm still as in love with it as I was on the first day 😇 !

New Balance 327 FAQ