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The ultimate adidas Continental 80 FAQ

July 2, 2023 8:43 AM
The ultimate adidas Continental 80 FAQ

The adidas Continental 80 is a classic from the Three-Stripes Brand. Due to its retro charm and timeless design, the sneaker, which may not be on everyone's radar today, has had a remarkable impact on sneaker culture. In this article we'll answer your most frequently asked questions about the Continental 80.

Let's get started with the ultimate adidas Continental 80 FAQ!

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A brief look at the history of the adidas Continental 80

So the year is 1986. adidas, the now famous brand from Herzogenaurach, is becoming more and more popular and we are witnessing a time when adidas took a big step towards its current success. So the three-stripe look is booming. Both in the fashion industry and in sports. And at this point we pause for a moment:

So the adidas Continental first made it to the shelves in 1986. A sneaker inspired by tennis, but actually designed for indoor athletes. Its clean style is still reminiscent of the tennis look, but the sole technology is adapted to the floor conditions of a sports hall.

Some athletes fell in love with the Continental right here. However, the sneaker was by and large not as much noticed at the time as one might think today. Let's put it this way: it wasn't the biggest hit! On top of that, every look has a hard time making the transition from sports to street style in the beginning. Many, if not most sneakers, take the route from the sports world to the fashion scene, but this road is sometimes rocky.

In 2023, the Continental silhouette is a daily beater and at home in many shoe closets. The clean design makes it easy to style and the retro vibes fit well into the current style.

The ultimate adidas Continental 80 FAQ

Are adidas Continental 80 comfortable?

Yes, the adidas Continental 80 is a comfortable sneaker. It has a cushioned insole and a soft midsole that provide cushioning and comfort. The leather or faux leather upper is flexible and hugs your foot.

Do adidas Continental 80s run big?

The fit of the adidas Continental 80 may run a little larger. If you have narrower feet, we would recommend buying a size smaller. Otherwise, the adidas Continental 80 fits true to size. Check out our sizing guides for more information: >> Know your Size: Sneaker Sizing Guides <<


How to clean adidas Continental 80?

Since the adidas Continental 80 usually comes with a leather upper, we recommend cleaning it by hand - this is the most gentle on the kick. We do not recommend throwing the adidas Continental 80 in the washing machine. In our sneaker news you can learn more about sneaker cleaning and suitable products.

How to lace up the adidas Continental 80?

The adidas Continental 80 is usually laced with the classic lacing system. Of course, there are different variations in lacing the silhouette, so you can lace the Kick the way you like it and find it most comfortable.

What are adidas Continental 80?

The adidas Continental 80 is one of the classic shoes from adidas. The Continental 80 is inspired by retro tennis shoes from the 1980s - hence the name '80'. The Continental 80 usually comes with a leather or synthetic leather upper and the typical 3-Stripes. Check out our sneaker search engine for a good overview of all available adidas Continental 80 models.

Where can you buy adidas Continental 80?

You can buy the adidas Continental 80 in almost all known sneaker stores, at adidas of course, or via various marketplaces. In our sneaker search engine we have summarised all shops, retailers and marketplaces of the adidas Continental 80 for you. So you can always find your size at the best price!

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