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The Tracksuit Club - a portion of sustainability & the perfect style for your kickz

August 4, 2020 8:45 AM
The Tracksuit Club - a portion of sustainability & the perfect style for your kickz

Today you'll get a slightly different sneaker & styling blogpost from me, because 'I would like to present you': Our very own #TheCrew photo shoot. Our friends from 'The Tracksuit Club' have sent us their collection from Berlin to Amsterdam and we started with it. The Tracksuit Club proves that sustainable fashion fits very stylishly into the streetstyle scene and loses zero percent in coolness and wearability. But take a look for yourself, dear community. A meet & greet with your #TheCrew.

The Tracksuit Club

We already know and that for a long time, that sustainability is an absolute must in 2020. But it is sometimes still a foreign topic for the masses, because the cliché of expensive and inaccessible fashion is still in the back of many people's minds. But nothing is less true - and 'The Tracksuit Club' proves it.

The Tracksuit Club is consciously positioned sustainably to produce contemporary and high-quality streetwear fashion fairly. But what does fair mean for TTC?

100% sustainable, without compromising on design - Our streetwear combines recycled, fair & biodegradable materials with the latest cuts & colors. We work together with leading producers & factories for environmentally friendly fabrics in Europe and thus guarantee particularly low emission values.

Europe means: All synthetic fabrics for the TTC tracksuits are made in Sweden and the organic cotton for the T-shirts & hoodies are manufactured in Greece under extremely high quality standards and environmentally friendly conditions.


So it's all about humane, fair working conditions to bring the ecosystem back into harmony. And that with really fair prices! Because for your usual streetwear styles you spend at least as much, if not more.

And what about the design?

With the production of its designs, TTC wants to stimulate a new way of thinking and make lasting improvements to the fashion industry.

Reflective lightning & writing elements take up the events of 1977 and thus combine design with function.


Okay, what happened 1977 in New York?!

On 13 July 1977, several lightning strikes struck a power station in New York. This resulted in a 25-hour power outage with looting, chaos and a lot of violence. The lightning on the clothing is symbolic of these events. An already unstable political situation and a lot of crime escalate the city at night. Despite everything, a contrasting situation is created, because according to the TTC, raids not only unite people of all colors, ages and sexes, but also lay the foundation for many great music careers of previously destitute artists. Despite all the crime and sometimes hopelessness, hip-hop is already making it possible for this generation to express its social problems in music.

Janek Bonasewicz (short JB) was inspired by this and founded 'The Tracksuit Club' in 2019 based on this story.

The Kollektion

This collection can really be called brandnew, because it was launched only recently. There are 20 pieces, from stylish tracksuits to premium sweatshirts. The styles are priced between 40€ to 150€ - accessories start at 10€. But you can also have a look at everything on the website.

The tracksuits are mega light and comfortable to wear. The fit of the trackpants is especially suitable for very athletic legs, because it offers enough space for a characteristic upper leg musculature.

The tracksuit top is really very stylish. On the back and from arm to arm the brand name is written out with 3M-reflective material.

And thanks to the unisex fit, both bro and sis can wear the clothes. The flashes come back on the hoodies and as a whole outfit the whole thing is really nice.

On all pieces you will find quotes & details that refer to the collective.

Of course we also have some Amsterdam info for you, because on the pictures you can see the recently opened biggest skatepark of the Netherlands in the Hood Zeeburg. Damn huge is the thing, but have a look for yourself:

For the whole collection just click on this button:

The #TheCrew hereby says goodbye with a Yo, let's Go and sends greeetz to Berlin ✌️