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The Supreme Box Logo drop of 2021

December 7, 2021 1:00 PM
The Supreme Box Logo drop of 2021

Almost every year in the first weeks of December, Supreme releases items with the well-known Box Logo. This year they are doing it again with hoodies and beanies.

On Thursday 9 December, several items will drop on Supreme's website and in their shops. The hoodies with the Box Logo on the chest come in grey, ochre, burgundy, white, dark blue, brown, pink, black and in green with a beige print. The logo is in red on some colours, but on a lot of them it is in the same colour as the jumper itself.

Besides the hoodies, there will also be beanies with the rectangular logo on the front. These beanies come in the same colours as the hoodies, except in pink. This way, you can match the beanie with your new jumper.

We will also see the release of a blanket with the Supreme logo, a stationary set, a pair of gloves, more hats and caps and, of course, more clothes and jackets.

The Supreme Box Logo drop will take place on Thursday 9 December at 17:00 on the website of the brand itself.