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The superstar for the little ones: Girls Are Awesome x adidas Superstar 360

April 23, 2020 4:56 PM
The superstar for the little ones: Girls Are Awesome x adidas Superstar 360

The 'Girls Are Awesome x adidas Superstar 360' is coming soon! The famous adidas Superstar silhouette has been redesigned for the little ones among us. The result of this 'shrinking process' is a cute little adidas Superstar 360! The little adidas slip-on will be available on April 22, 2020 at 10:00 am for €50. What makes this shoe so special is the collaboration with the Danish label 'Girls Are Awesome'! More about the company can be found in this article. If you are in a hurry and want to buy the super cute sneaker directly, just click on the button below!

Your #TheCrew Background Check

The adidas Superstar silhouette is already celebrating its 50th birthday. Whether on stage, in stadiums or on the streets - the adidas Superstar is worn everywhere! However, this is the baby and toddler version, because they should rock the trend as early as possible! To save time when putting on shoes, adidas has transformed the sneaker into a slip-on model. So dear parents, you can save a lot of time here and get out of the house earlier!

But all kidding aside, you'll save a lot of time. Back to the sneaker: The collab takes place between the Danish label 'Girls are Awesome' and adidas. What the company stands for and what their goals are, you can find out now:

The label 'Girls are Awesome' was founded by two Danish fathers in 2016 to make the world more exclusive for their daughters! If these are not the best dads in the world, I don't know who is! The label's aim is to support women in art, sports and music to 'make them more visible'. Women should have more visibility in public and media areas! They then serve as role models for the little ones, so that the kids can see that they can achieve their 'dreams'! The company has also embodied this in the sneaker 'Girls Are Awesome X adidas Superstar 360'! A detailed check will be available soon!

By the way: The label 'Girls Are Awesome' is a mixture of a fashion label and a news agency! Besides the fashion business the company produces its own content!

A closer look at the sneakers

adidas will release a whole collection with 'Girls Are Awesome'! You will find everything from clothes to shoes! But back to the sneaker: The superstar gets neon orange stripes. And as you can see, the shoe has a turquoise-violet color gradient with 'glitter elements'. The inside of the shoe is black and padded for the babies! The adidas branding can be found on the heel and on the tongue. Beside the 3 stripes the shoe gets the lettering 'Girls Are Awesome'. Did the Girls Are Awesome x adidas Superstar 360 convince you? If not, don't worry, maybe you will find something on our News page!

By the way: There are some more photos to come! Look at the cute kickz!