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The South Park x adidas Campus 80 'Towelie' is wonderfully soft

April 11, 2021 4:00 PM
The South Park x adidas Campus 80 'Towelie' is wonderfully soft

adidas has collaborated with many brands over the years: famous artists, clothing brands but even with TV shows. On 20 April 2021 a design will be released on Campus 80 in collaboration with the well-known sitcom South Park. For the design, no main character was chosen as inspiration, but a unique character: Towelie. Check out the soft South Park x adidas Campus 80 'Towelie' here!

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South Park - Towelie

South Park is an American animated sitcom, developed for the TV channel Comedy Central. The series is about four boys: Stan Marsh, Kyle Broflovski, Eric Cartman and Kenny McCormick. In the episodes, you follow their lives in the town of South Park. The show became notorious for its crude statements about blasphemy and contains dark, surrealistic humour. Yet the series is very popular and has no less than 24 seasons.

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As mentioned before, Towelie is not a main character of the series but appears in season 5, episode 8. What is remarkable, of course, is that it is a talking towel. In the episode, the boys discover Towelie, who was created by the government and is given special powers when he gets high.

South Park x adidas Campus 80

For the design, the classic Campus 80 was chosen as the model. At first glance, the sneaker is kept in two colours. The upper is made of a light purple colour and white details have been added on the shoe. The material is striking: the purple on the outside is made of terry cloth, which makes it feel exactly like a towel. Furthermore, leather parts have been added, for example on the well-known adidas stripes, heel and inside.

South Park x adidas
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In addition, small details have been added that refer to Towelie. Of course you can see the eyes of the character on the tongue. But also on the inside, famous quotes from him are printed such as: "I have no idea what's going on" and "Don't forget to bring a towel". As an extra you get key chains of the purple towel with the sneakers. There is also an element of surprise: when you hold the shoes under UV light, the eyes turn red so that Towelie looks stoned.

South Park x adidas

Are you a fan of South Park and love the characteristic Towelie? Then this soft purple pair will be perfect for you. The South Park x adidas Campus 80 'Towelie' will be available on April 20, 2021 at 10:00 AM for €100 at adidas. Wondering what other sneaker collabs are coming out? Then quickly check out the Sneakerjagers Release Calendar!

South Park x adidas
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