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The Sneaker Year 2021 - Forecast Part 2

February 8, 2021 10:31 AM
The Sneaker Year 2021 - Forecast Part 2

What's up, friends? I hope you are looking forward to our second part on the sneaker year 2021. After we already talked a bit about the upcoming year and the expectations for the Nike Dunk and adidas x Jerry Lorenzo last time, more exciting topics are now waiting for us. In the second part of the Sneaker Year 2021 forecast we discuss the possible shoe of the year, the Jordan 1 Mid and a possible sneaker boom after the pandemic.

If you haven't read Sneaker Year 2021 - Forecast Part 1 yet, you can do so here.

Sneaker of the Year?

There are some shoes that have the potential to create a lot of hype in 2021. Last year was dominated by Dunks and that will continue - but we already discussed them in the last part. This year, the Jordan 4 will probably gain in popularity. There has always been a good fanbase for the Jordan 4s, but this year many new colourways are coming out and the shoes have gained a lot of reputation.

Many are wearing wider trousers again, and the wider models like the Jordan 4s also fit perfectly. They also bear a certain resemblance to the Louis Vuitton LV sneakers.

Forecast: The Jordan 4 will be totally popular this year. Almost all models will be sold out quickly and will be offered on the secondary market at a higher price than usual. The hype is real!

Jordan 4

Sneaker Year 2021: Jordan 1 Mid Forecast

For a long time, the Jordan 1 Mid models were almost ridiculed. There are still many fans of the Jordan Brand, but most people are getting more and more comfortable with the shoe and the models are becoming more and more interesting, especially for women. In the meantime, some models are even available for purchase via Raffle. This was previously only known for the Jordan 1 High models.

Forecast: The Jordan 1 Mid will remain very popular, especially in women's sizes, and it won't get any easier to get the shoes.

Sneaker Jahr 2021 Prognose

Can we expect a sneaker boom after the lockdown?

Currently, most people are prevented from putting on their new styles and outfits. Many activities such as going to restaurants, parties or shopping trips with friends are unfortunately cancelled. Many people are currently ordering their clothes online, but many also think: 'Why buy new shoes if I can hardly wear them?' So, as some are putting off their purchase, it is quite possible that there will be a small sneaker-buying boom in spring.

Forecast: As soon as the first ease-up occurs, more clothes and shoes will be bought again.

That was our forecast for the sneaker year 2021. If you don't want to miss any leaks and offers from the sneaker scene, then take a look at our sneaker news. There you will always stay up to date.