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The Simpsons x Vans: From Springfield to the streets of the world

August 15, 2020 11:08 AM
The Simpsons x Vans: From Springfield to the streets of the world

The Simpsooooons 🎶! Well, do your also hear the right sound while reading this. The Simpsons are simply cult and now we can carry our favorite family from America very close to us! Because with The Simpsons x Vans collection we get chic clothes, great accessories and of course a lot of really hot sneaker styles.

Immerse yourself in the world of the Simpsons with us and discover your favourite characters and their very special vibe in a variety of sneaker designs. The crazy people from Springfield conquer our shoe closet and with it the streets of this world! Show your love for the Simpsons now with the popular styles of Vans.

The Simpsons x Vans

The Simpsons x Vans - a collection with humour

Skate through the streets like Bart, hang out in Moe's bar like Homer and his guys, or save the world like Lisa? What's your style? With The Simpsons x Vans collection you can now make a statement. Of course we are especially enthusiastic about the sneaker styles. Here the Simpsons and their friends adorn popular models of Vans like the SK8-Hi, the Old Skool or the Era and Slip-On Silhouette. Come with us and Vans into the world of the Simpsons, because we want to present the absolute highlights of the collection in detail:

The whole world of Simpson's characters on one sneaker? Sounds a lot and it is - but that doesn't harm the style, on the contrary! With these The Simpsons x Vans ComfyCush Slip-On Sneakers you get double comfort and double style. The ComfyCush technology lets you walk like on clouds and the print presents the whole gang from Springfield.

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Slip On Vans Die Simpsons
The Simpsons Vans Slip On

The evolution of the Simpsons on a sneaker? Matt Groening has given his characters a makeover or two from the start of the series in 1987 until today. And all of this is now captured on the Die Simpsons X Vans 1987-2020 SK8-HI sneaker. From the absolute beginnings until today - simply cult! Exactly the right thing for real lovers and retro fans!

Also here the photos bring you directly to Vans!

The Simpsons x Vans Kollektion
Sk8 Hi Vans
Vans Sk8 Hi Simpsons
"Eat my shorts"! - Bart.

From the brown couch to the street! Is there a little rebel in you like Bart embodied so beautifully in his role? Whether you're skating, graffiti spraying or in detention - even if you're only half as rebellious as the Simpsons' son, these shoes will give you the right vibes. The Vans SK8-Low in El Barto look are just cool!

El Barto Sneaker
Skate Sneaker Vans die Simpsons

A round of Duff Beer with this weather? That would be it, wouldn't it? But honestly, who wouldn't want to hang out with Homer and his homies at Moe's Pub and philosophize about the crises of everyday life? You can get a bit of that flair now with the Vans Old Skool model in Moe's Look. Lovingly designed like the bar of the crazy character and on top of that Homer and his friends play a role. Cheers!

You know how it works, with the picture it goes to the shop!

Moes Taverne Sneaker Vans
Vans Old Skool The Simpsons
Vans Sneaker Old Skool

Aw, I have three kids and no money. Why can't I have no kids and three money?

Homer's sayings are simply legendary, don't you think, dear community? I hope that you have some money left for your favourite pieces from the hot The Simpsons x Vans collection 🤑 ! But joking aside, as far as that is possible at all with this topic. The Simpsons have been holding up a (maybe a bit distorted 🧐) mirror of society for years in an extremely funny and sometimes necessarily exaggerated way and we love them for it.

Once again the popular Old Skool silhouette, this time in The Bouviers look. Marge and her crazy sisters adorn this brightly designed sneaker perfectly. The highlight? The materials used for the hair of the three girls - simply great! And in addition, other important hairy details have been taken care of here 💆! Have a look for yourself.

And remember, the pictures will take you to the shoe!

The Bouviers Old Skool
Die Simpsons Vans

Welcome to Springfield! And what can't be missing? The right program on TV, of course. Itchy and Scratchy lived it up here on the Era Model of Vans. In constant chase after each other, which usually ends in a, let's say, rather brutal finish, the characters from Bart and Lisa's favorite series are extremely stylish here. And of course Crusty is also happy when he can make money!

Itchy und Sratchy The Simpsons
Krusty the clown Vans

"Bart, this is America. Anyone can eat whatever they want as long as they eat too much." - Homer 🍩.

We all know Homer's love of donuts, or food in general. How best to do that on a sneaker? How about this really fresh bathing suit 🤩! The slipper trend is going through the roof at the moment anyway and with these slippers you are playing right up front!

Vans Slipper
Vans The Simpsons

The world of the Simpsons: This stylish is the new Vans collection

Dear community, I could go on like this forever! And I mean that literally, because the collection of Vans and the Simpsons has a lot more to offer! If you want to browse through the whole The Simpsons x Vans collection yourself, you can use the button below to go directly to the styles. Homer, Marge, Bart, Lisa, Maggie and Co are surely happy about your visit 🤗! Also for kids there are some nice sneakers and for all of us cool accessories, shirts, sweaters, jackets and and and! Have fun browsing!

Psst: I have a little hint, because at Vans Customs you can customize your very own vans with Simpsons motive. >>If you click here you can see all the different patterns!<<

And remember: I'm so smart: S-M-R-T! Stay cool dear community, and see next time 😎!