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The PUMA MMQ made with quality collection

November 12, 2022 12:25 PM
The PUMA MMQ made with quality collection

Have you discovered the PUMA MMQ collection yet? 'MMQ' stands for 'Mach's mit Qualität' from the German meaning 'Made with quality'. PUMA's new collection heralds a new era of quality. The range is inspired by minimalist Scandinavian design and expert craftsmanship.

PUMA calls the collection the "premium and mature" version of the classic PUMA sportswear silhouettes and apparel. From now on, we can expect new vintage styles that are more durable, of higher quality and partly even vegan.

For example, the Easy Rider, Suede, Slipstream, Wild Rider and Mirage Sport have been given vegan leather uppers and are now in a new look.

Collection ambassador @freddieljungberg via Instagram

We show you the essence of the collection in detail here. Would you rather look around for yourself? Then click on the button below:

1. PUMA MMQ T-Shirt Unisex

We start with this basic shirt from PUMA MMQ. The shirt has a high-quality finish and a minimalist design. Moreover, this essential contains at least 20% recycled material.

2. MMQ Down Jacket

This simple, warm down jacket has a high-quality finish with high-quality seams. Again, at least 20% of the jacket is made from recycled materials. You can also get this jacket in black!

3. MMQ Blaze of Glory Sneakers

These two 'Blaze of Glory' sneakers are also part of the premium MMQ series. The shoe is available in light green or beige. The RX 737 is the Trinomic running style sneaker from the 1990s, which PUMA has fitted with a simple all-suede upper and a perforated suede upper.

4. MMQ Sweatshirt Unisex

Masterful craftsmanship is guided by minimalist design in this classic round-neck sweatshirt. Again, this garment comes in unisex sizes so can be worn by anyone.

5. MMQ Sweatpants

These sweatpants are made of eco-friendly cotton with a relaxed fit, piped pockets for more storage, a comfortable waistband and with an elegant logo embroidery. You can score this garment by clicking the button below!

6. MMQ Carrier Bag

You can now score this tote bag in the new MMQ collection. The bag has two different long handles and can therefore be carried over the shoulder or in the hand.

7. MMQ Ripstop Overshirt

With this button-down riptop shirt, you can be sure it will look good and be of high quality. The PUMA logo is embroidered on the small pocket on the chest.

8. MMQ Double Layer Hoodie

Let's move on to this layering hoodie from MMQ. Why 'layers'? The hoodie consists of two layers and is therefore suitable for Autumn and Ainter. Besides, this garment is also partly made of sustainable materials.

9. MMQ Classic Cuff Beanie

Everyone needs a beanie for the cold weather. So why not invest in a high-quality beanie right away? The MMQ beanie is available in black and beige.

10. MMQ Twill Hose

We conclude our PUMA MMQ review with these twill trousers. Like the beanie, the trousers are also available in brown and black. The trousers have a loose fit and are partially made of recycled material.

Those were some PUMA MMQ Must Haves. Was there something for you among them? You can check out the new PUMA range for yourself by clicking the button.