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The One With Friends! These Are The Sneakers Of The Friends' Show

February 19, 2021 9:00 AM
The One With Friends! These Are The Sneakers Of The Friends' Show

Smelly cat, smelly cat, what are they feeding you? And the wonderful voice of Phoebe Buffay pops into my head. Nowadays you could almost make a hit out of the Friends character's famous song, but then it would probably no longer be so cult. In 2004, an era came to an end with the 10th and thus last season. The sitcom Friends was almost an integral part of everyone's life in the 90s and when the show came to an end, it was a stab in the heart for many.

But 26 years later, you still can't get enough of the sitcom created and brought to life by Marta Kauffman and David Crane. At the moment, retro sneakers are all the rage and the 90s are always coming back in some way or another. So on the occasion of our 90's Week we took a closer look at Friends and the sneakers of the show?

I'll Be There For You

But first back to the origin. Alongside The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, the series, which mostly took place on the old and famous Friends couch (which, by the way, can still be viewed at Warner Bros. today) in the 'Central Perk' café in New York, was one of the highlights on the way to the new millennium. And how much would we have liked to be friends with Rachel, Monica, Phoebe, Joey, Chandler and Ross? Each character more special than the next, jokes that almost killed me with laughter at times and not to forget the classic love stories that are almost soap-like in structure.

David Schwimmer, Courtney Cox, Jennifer Aniston, Matt LeBlanc, Matthew Perry and Lisa Kudrow did not only suddenly become stars who ended up getting about $1 million each per episode, but they all embodied their characters fantastically. When the streaming service Netflix announced it was taking the show off the air, major uproar broke out in all the affected countries and even non-Friends viewers caught on to the big drama. The fans are almost addicted and no matter how many times you have seen an episode, you never get enough.

Converse Jack Purcell

Cook Monica is known for her dogged motivation and, above all, for her ambition, which can sometimes cause arguments. We don't want to leave out her cleaning mania either, but let's hope she takes care of her sneakers just like everything else around her. In the show, you can find a Converse Jack Purcell on her feet, among other things. Chucks simply fit in everywhere and are above all timeless. We have the sporty shoes >>here<< for you in the current models.

Nike Air Tech Challenge II 'Hot Lava'

No longer available, but extremely popular. Here is the original colourway from back then. In the episode in which Monica's Christmas presents are searched for, a pair of these Nikes was spotted. Maybe you'll get lucky and we'll get to look forward to new ones again sometime. Just in case:


Converse Chuck Taylor

Nothing beats the classic Chucks and especially not Chandler. Even if the gentleman is a bit messed up, his sarcasm constantly brings a breath of fresh air into the troupe. You can also bring that along with the Chucks that Chandler wears in a few episodes. The colourways are unbeatably diverse and the prices are right on the money. Just click >>here<< to shop them!

Nike GTS

After the gym didn't quite work out as planned for Chandler, he tried tennis for a while. He wore the Nike GTS for this. We also have a few of the models up our sleeve for you. Click here for a selection of Nike GTS models >>

Nike Air Max 96

We all love Rachel Green, or as Selena Gomez says, "Rachel was my life". Even though Rachel is a bit of a spoiled brat, she would be missed. In the legendary episode of the football match between the 6, Rachel wears Nike Air Max 96 in white upper with colour highlights. Even in 2021 white sneakers are still absolutely trendy and the Air Max 96 model is once again an absolute hit. So don't hesitate and click >>here<< to see a selection of models.

Air Jordan XIII

Our favourite scientist Ross is not exactly known for the best outfit, yet he surprises us with some sneakers that don't actually fit into Ross' repertoire. Ross probably has more quirks than anything else, yet you just can't not like him. And you can't say no to an Air Jordan. This time with the Air Jordan XIII, which is mostly interesting for more offbeat lovers. Click here for the Air Jordan XIII colourways >>

Air Jordan 13 Modelle
Instagram: hd_sneaker_feed

Nike Terra Humara

Again, hard to believe, but these sneakers are actually on Ross' feet. This old-school model from Nike is also super trendy again and came in a new edition in the meantime. The sneaker doesn't even stop Ross from exercising. This sneaker show can't be missing in the Friends episode. Go to the Nike Terra Humara models >>

Instagram: friends_best_scenes__

Chill selection, isn't it? A little fun fact at the end, for those who didn't already know. Nike even designed its own sneaker in the Friends Show design. It's hard to find a cover here, but at least we have a few pictures for you.

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Are you a series junkie too and can't get enough of all the sitcoms? Then definitely check out The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air & the Sneakers by Will Smith Blog. It'll bring back that 90's feeling.

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