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The North Face and DFNS launch a care collection

October 26, 2021 12:00 PM
The North Face and DFNS launch a care collection

The North Face has released a Care collection for outdoor products together with the Dutch company DFNS. In this line are six different items for the care of clothing and shoes. With this collection you can extend the life of the products and reduce your carbon footprint.


DFNS is a Dutch brand that makes cleaning products for clothing, sneakers and denim. By using these products, you can get your fashion items to last longer. DFNS does not want to stop you from living your life to the fullest. Through their products you can still clean your kicks after a wild day or evening.

DFNS sprays are made in the most sustainable way. The bottle is completely transparent so you can always see how much is left in the bottle. Through their innovative Airopack technology, only air is released during the spraying process. Most sprays also release other gases. This technology allows you to use at least 98% of the product and leaves a minimal layer in the bottle.

The North Face x DFNS

The North Face x DFNS

The North Face's Care collection is an exclusive line that combines high performance sport with sustainability. With this line, the outdoor adventurer will care more about the garments and take better care of them, as they will last longer.

For this collection, the two brands researched innovative and sustainable technologies. Together, they have designed the first ever air-pressure bottle made of 100% recycled PET bottles. This also makes the bottle biodegradable.

DFNS Footwear Protector

Repeatedly washing your clothes and outdoor equipment ruins the quality and is bad for the environment. The items in the Care collection ensure that your products remain protected, clean and ready for future adventures.

There are two cleaning products for footwear in the collection. A Protector will protect the sneaker from the dirt of the woods and the rain. The Refresher will refresh your pair after a long day and leave the shoe smelling like brand new.

For clothing, DFNS and The North Face have a Launder and Protector. You use the Launder after wearing your items to wash them in a sustainable way. The Protector protects the items against unexpected weather conditions.

Some of The North Face's items contain down. You cannot just put this in the washing machine. Often you have to take it to a dry cleaner or wash it with tennis balls. The Care collection now includes a High Performance Tech & Down Wash that will keep your down items in good condition longer. There is also a Premium Water & Stain Repellent Inwash that prevents stains.

DFNS Apparel Launder
The North Face DFNS Tech and Down Wash
All images by DFNS

When it comes to sustainability, maintaining and repairing your garments is a big activity. This way you don't buy new products that use a lot of energy, water and chemicals during production.

The The North Face x DFNS Care collection will be available in the physical shops of the outdoor brand during Autumn 2021. Do you want to be informed more often about the latest developments in the sneaker industry? Follow us on Instagram and download the Sneakerjagers app.