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The new Reebok Tom & Jerry collection is here

November 16, 2020 4:21 PM
The new Reebok Tom & Jerry collection is here

Reebok released 3 sneakers inspired by the world famous duo Tom & Jerry. The sneakers come in sizes for the whole family. Tom & Jerry graphics can be found on the Reebok Club C, Vector Runner and Royal Techque T. The Tom & Jerry x Reebok pack will be available on 17th November 2020 at 10:00 am!

We all know the world famous duo Tom & Jerry. The animation vigures have been on show since 1940. The cat (Tom) and mouse (Jerry) already have 161 films in which they chase each other. Reebok has already released sneakers with the beloved duo. Again we will get a pack of 3 sneakers with Tom & Jerry graphics.

Tom & Jerry x Reebok Royal Techque T

The Royal Techque T trainer from Reebok has a real Vintage '80s style. On the white leather tremble you can see the beloved Duo Tom & Jerry. With over the heel 'Tom & Jerry' and on the tongue the faces of the caton vigours. The well-known 'waves' on the side of the trainer, has a grey, hairy fabric, which refers to Tom. On the other sneaker these are yellow with cheese holes, referring to Jerry. The shoebox is also completely in the Tom & Jerry style!

Tom & Jerry x Reebok ROYAL TECHQUE T

Tom & Jerry x Reebok Club C Revenge

The design of the Club C Revenge has also been given a Tom & Jerry makeover. This is inspired by cartoon character Droopy, which has been used more often in the Tom & Jerry episodes. A striking orange lining with lilac laces refer to the appearance of Droopy. References to the cartoon show can be seen on the heel, tongue and side of the sneaker. The rubber eraser sole completes the shoe. Also with this Tom & Jerry x Reebok there is a matching shoebox.

Tom & Jerry x Reebok REEBOK CLUB C REVENGE

Tom & Jerry x Reebok Vector Runner

This one is for the real fans! "These Tom and Jerry tribute shoes will make you excited to watch old episodes of this classic cartoon again". Says Reebok themselves. The upper has a cheese graphic overlay on a red leather and mesh tremble. The cheese pattern we see also on the tongue, where their logo can also be found. A historic logo can be found on the nose. Of course this pair also has a matching Tom & Jerry box.


The Reebok pack will be available from 17 November at Reebok. The sneakers are available in sizes for the whole family. Keep an eye on our sneaker release calendar and blogs, so you won't miss a single release!