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The most comfortable sneakers to wear

April 13, 2023 10:36 AM
The most comfortable sneakers to wear

Nowadays, we use sneakers for much more than just walking around the city. We also wear sneakers to go to the gym, travel, run and to work. So why not invest in the most comfortable sneakers on the market?

That's why we've done some research for you. We've read many reviews, interviewed friends, and compiled our own experiences to introduce you to the most comfortable sneaker technologies!


We kick off the list with one of the many innovations in ASICS sneakers. Namely, the GEL™ technology! This technology provides cushioning and reduces the impact on your muscles and joints. This results in softer landings and smoother transitions. And while foam can quickly become damaged and air can quickly leak out, GEL™ provides long-lasting cushioning and protection for your lower body.

A well-known model that includes the GEL™ technology is, for example, the GEL-KAYANO14, which offers a new take on retro running style. Or think of the futuristic shape of the GEL-QUANTUM. Other iconic models include the GEL-LYTE III and GEL-1090.


2. New Balance ENCAP

If you prefer a new pair of New Balance shoes, take a look at the shoes with an ENCAP midsole cushioning. ENCAP is a core of soft EVA cushioning (synthetic foam that has a rubber-like effect) in the midsole with a firm polyurethane rim for more support all day long.

New Balance also combines ENCAP technology with great designs. Think, for example, of the MADE in USA 990v3, 574, and MADE in UK 576. This has made comfortable sneakers a sign of quality and taste for both avid runners and trendsetters.

New Balance schoenen met ENCAP
New Balance

3. Nike React

From basketball to running shoes and from golf to training shoes. You'll find Nike React foam everywhere! Originally released to reduce running-related injuries, it includes a wide base for extra stability and is specially designed for a perfect foot roll. This provides excellent responsiveness and extraordinary softness.

Due to its great success, we can now also find it in the most stylish sportswear shoes. For example, take on any challenge on any terrain with the Pegasus Trail 4. Or opt for a striking combination of art and innovation with the Nike React Vision. Other well-known models include the React Infinity 3 (premium) and the Pegasus 39 Shield.


4. adidas Ultraboost

Whether you're training for a marathon or taking a stroll through the park, with adidas' Ultraboost technology, you can make the most out of your day! The Ultraboost technology provides a lightweight feel while running and offers support and protection to enhance your performance.

Want to give your day a boost too? Take a look at the numerous versions such as the Ultraboost Light, Ultraboost 1.0, and Ultraboost 22!

Comfortabele adidas Ultraboost sneakers

5. Salomon Agile Chassis™

Salomon sneakers have been hugely popular among runners for a long time. The many technologies provide high performance for everyone, over any distance, and at any level. The Agile Chassis™ (ACS) provides stability and cushioning, and extreme comfort through the combination with the EnergyCell midsole.

But not only with avid runners, we also see them appearing more and more as a fashion statement on the street. The sleek designs we see, for example, with the XT-6, XT-4, and XT-Wings 2 have made it a must-have for sneakerheads.

Salomon schoenen met Agile Chassis

6. Nike Air

Nike Air Force, Air Jordan, and Air Max have become so popular not only because of the design but also because of the unparalleled comfort of Nike Air technology. It consists of compressed air in a sturdy but flexible casing that protects the body all day long. This provides a light, shock

Nike Air can be found in iconic sportswear models such as the Air Force, Air Jordan, and Air Max, but also in basketball, training, and running shoes.

Comfortabele Nike sneakers met Nike Air


With HOKA's CMEVA technology, you experience non-stop comfort. The molded compression provides maximum cushioning and is designed for an active, responsive experience that will enhance your daily and training experiences.

The CMEVA technology can be found in various comfortable sneakers known for their sturdy and aesthetic silhouettes, such as the different Clifton, Transport, Kawana, and Bondi models.

Comfortabele HOKA sneakers met CMEVA

8. New Balance Fresh Foam

New Balance offers a revolutionary material invention with Fresh Foam, which absorbs and cushions high-impact footsteps. The Fresh Foam technology consists of 3D motion capture pressure measurements and data on strength exercises from real athletes. As a result, New Balance can offer ultimate softness, allowing you to tackle any challenge, whether on roads, tracks, or playing fields.

Fresh Foam can be found in well-known sneaker models such as the 880v13, 1080v12, More v4, and 860v13!

New Balance schoenen met Fresh Foam
New Balance

9. adidas Cloudfoam

Would you like to feel like you're floating on clouds while walking? You can with adidas Cloudfoam sneakers! With adidas' Cloudfoam technology, you'll experience lightweight cushioning with every step you take. This way, you'll also feel energized throughout the day.

You'll experience the comfort of Cloudfoam in sporty shoes such as the Galaxy 6 and Runfalcon 3, but also in sneakers such as the Advantage and Grand Court Alpha.

adidas schoenen met Cloudfoam

10. Under Armour AU HOVR

Push yourself to the limit with Under Armour's soft, resilient AU HOVR™ cushioning! The latest technology on this list keeps your legs fresh for longer, thanks to the sturdy fit, supportive base, and soft AU HOVR cushioning. This way, you'll always be able to run harder and farther than the rest!

AU HOVR can be found in Under Armour's iconic Machina 3, Sonic 6, and Infinite 5 models!

Under Armour

So if you're looking for the most comfortable sneakers, there are certainly plenty of innovations and technologies to choose from. We hope that this list will help you make the right choice and that you will find the perfect comfortable sneaker for your needs!

Would you also like to stay up to date on upcoming sneaker releases from all the mentioned brands? You can do so with our release calendar! That way, you'll always be the first to know about the latest sneaker news.