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The Levi's Vintage Clothings Earth Day Collection

April 28, 2022 7:35 PM
The Levi's Vintage Clothings Earth Day Collection

Dear community, there is a new collection at Levi's! The Vintage Clothing Earth Day collection is a tribute to all the activists who have worked for the good of the Earth.

The collection reflects a history: in the late 1960s, Americans banded together to advocate for the environment. Inspired by anti-war protests, young students organized educational sessions to teach others about sustainable stewardship of the earth. The action was well received, so more and more people from America's coasts joined together.

The Vintage Clothing collection therefore celebrates all the events that led to the very first Earth Day. The collection is very much based on the college look of the 1960s. Check out the pics below to get an idea of that you can expect from the sustainable styles with vintage vibes and important background story. Via this link you can go directly to Levi's.