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The latest styles and special features in New Balance sizing 📐

June 21, 2021 9:00 PM
The latest styles and special features in New Balance sizing 📐

In this blog post, we'll show you the latest and currently most popular sneaker styles from New Balance. On top of that, you'll also find out which unique features the brand offers in terms of New Balance sizing. There are some interesting specials that set NB apart from the big competition! A little foretaste: Did you know that New Balance even lets you choose the width of the shoe before you buy it, as well as the length? 🤯

If you're looking for a trusted advisor or a comprehensive guide to New Balance sizing for various silhouettes, then you should click directly to our New Balance sneaker sizing guide now. ⬇️

You're still here? - Cool! Then we'll stop chatting now and get straight to the point! But first things first… So what are the oh-so-cool special features that New Balance offers us all to help us choose the perfect size?

New Balance Sizing

Why you'll only want New Balance on your feet after this

As I'm sure you and everyone else out there knows, the US-based sporting goods manufacturer has been at the forefront of the industry for decades when it comes to high-quality and robust use of materials in production.

But the famous brand doesn't just offer you the finest quality on your shoes. On the New Balance homepage you can also find some peculiarities / special features when you want to choose the right size of a shoe.

The New Balance Sneaker Sizing offers you these advantages

Find your size in an incredibly large sizerun

The first feature that sets New Balance apart from other brands is the huge range of sizes offered by the brand on every sneaker. New Balance even produces men's models up to shoe size 55!

Women: EU 35 - EU 45,5 | Men: EU 36 - EU 55 | Unisex: EU 35,5 - EU 55

Choose the right width for maximum comfort

In addition to the exceptional number of "normal" shoe sizes, the popular brand also offers you the option of not only being able to choose the length of your shoe. This is where New Balance really stands out from the competition, as you can even choose the width of your new pair!

You have a choice of shoe widths. You have a choice of shoe widths from "Narrow" to "Extra-Extra-Wide". Here we show you briefly what other designations and differences there are:

Shoe widths for Men
B - Narrow
D - Standard
2E - Wide
4E - X-Wide
6E - XX-Wide

Shoe widths for Women
2A - Narrow
B - Standard
D - Wide
2E - X-Wide

Shoe widths for Kids
M - Standard
W - Wide

And bang(!) there are two more reasons to get yourself a pair of fresh New Balance sneakers. But which of the brand's models and silhouettes are currently in fashion?

At least one of these sneaker silhouettes should be in your rotation this year

As promised, below we show you the most popular kicks from New Balance. Each silhouette is celebrating one fresh colorway after another at regular intervals this year. Some of the collabs have also been very popular with sneaker enthusiasts around the world.

These New Balance silhouettes are on trend for 2021 and are still available:

New Balance 530


New Balance 57/40


New Balance 327


New Balance 2002R


Last but not least, the NB 2002R has made it into our shortlist of the best New Balance sneakers of the moment. The silhouette has been popular since last year, and a collaboration with Versace's footwear designer Salahe Bembury was a big contributor.

We are definitely expecting some more colour combinations and new collaborations on the 2002R silhouette this year! In fact, New Balance will soon be releasing the new 'Protection Pack', which includes three different colorways of the 2002R in a brand new and totally trendy look. We'll have official release info for you soon. Just keep an eye on our release calendar for the coming days 😉

New Balance 2002R Protection Pack 2021