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The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air & The Sneakers On Will Smith

February 16, 2021 4:30 PM
The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air & The Sneakers On Will Smith

Now, this is a story all about how my life got flipped-turned upside down…. because today we want to remember the cult series 'The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air'.

When it comes to the comedy genre, this sitcom from the 90s is an absolute all-time favourite. We can't get enough of it! 'The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air' was not only incredibly funny, but also known for putting the freshest sneakers on Will Smith's feet. Find out everything about the series and sneakers in this blog!

Why is 'The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air' cult?

In addition to its entertainment value, which is truly at the top of the list, the series also repeatedly deals with socio-critical topics such as discrimination, fatherlessness, poverty and the philosophies of black civil rights. So besides all the funny moments, there are also many scenes that make you think.

Within 6 seasons, everything revolves around the wealthy Banks family, which Will, as a new addition to the family, turns upside down by bringing his street style flair into the family. With his charm, he not only wraps the women around his finger, but also manages to spread a little looseness in the family.

But enough about the series, the content should be familiar to everyone, and if you haven't seen the series yet, then shame on you! Go on, go watch it! How successful the series was at that time is also shown by the celebrities who appeared in it. Guest appearances were made by well-known names such as Oprah Winfrey, Donald Trump, Naomi Campbell, Hugh Hefner, Boyz II Men, Tyra Banks and many more.

The Fresh Prince and his Sneakers

While the Banks family dresses rather smartly and seriously, Will has casual clothes and, above all, eye-catching sneakers. And not a few of them at that. If we had to work through the list, we'd be here forever, so we have picked out a few top finds. So look forward to a little storytime and maybe we can convince you of one or another model.

Air Jordan 5

The most legendary sneaker that appears in every episode is the Air Jordan 5 from the intro. Here in the black colourway, it can also be found in other colourways throughout the series. And the Jordan's are just perfect for Will.

YouTube: XxRandomKid Enertainment

Nike Air Max 180

In season 2, the Nike Air Max 180 'Bright Ceramic' can be found on Will's feet. The sneaker was the first with 180 degrees of visible Air cushioning.

Nike Air Max Penny

One of the final scenes of the show shows the Nike Air Max Penny in the colourway 'Orlando' in the last episode of season 6. In the scene, Will dances the legendary Carlton Dance with Carlton in the sneakers. It flows much better right away.

Instagram: freshprince
Instagram: mikecartell

Air Jordan 7 'Hare'

You can't get enough Air Jordan's at The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air. Not only was the sneaker trendy at the time, but its new look also graces the feet.

Instagram: freshprince
Instagram: rodl_0404

Nike Air Force 1 High

Let's move on to the sneaker that is by far the most common. The classic Nike Air Force 1 High is available in an unbelievable number of colourways and still looks great on the foot, just like back then.

adidas Superstar

Let's also clear the stage for adidas. We would like to welcome the original adidas Superstar from 1969. Simple in white and black and yet so popular and famous.

Instagram: adidas.superstar

Air Jordan 5 'Fresh Prince'

For Will Smith's 50th birthday in September 2018, he teamed up with Jordan Brand to launch a limited edition Air Jordan 5. Why the Air Jordan 5? It's the model from the intro and therefore the sneaker that was part of 'The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air' from start to finish. And on such a special occasion, the actor became a YouTube star.

You wouldn't believe it, but he really does make an unboxing video here. And with the hair he had back then, you could still put him in the role of William 'Will' Smith today, because his look has hardly changed at all.

YouTube: Will Smith